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Families of those who died during the intervention are waiting for justice. “This is typical torture with murder”

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The parliamentary committee on internal affairs and administration met again on the death of three men, which occurred after the intervention of the Lower Silesian police. Two events took place in Wrocław, another in Lubin. The families of the victims appeared at the meeting.

This is the third meeting of the parliamentary commission on the death of citizens, which took place during or immediately after the police intervention. – First of all, I would like to point out that I am really sorry that this room is so empty, because I came from Wrocław to talk about the death of my brother. He died, or rather was killed in front of my eyes – said Wiktoria Łągiewka, the sister of the late Łukasz Łągiewka. The family of 29-year-old Łukasz, like the relatives of 34-year-old Bartek from Lubin and 25-year-old Dmytr from Wrocław, pose only one question to the rulers. – How many families are still to sit here, how many families are to come from all over Poland for someone to be interested in our tragedy? – asks Wiktoria Łągiewka.

In addition to the high-profile cases of the deaths of three young men discussed at the committee, after three different interventions by Lower Silesian police officers in just one week in 2021, the committee also visited the families of other victims. There are over 20 of these cases. – These deaths are identical. In the opinion of the families and our experts, the police officers made the wrong moves. So they held the man in the wrong way, which resulted in suffocation – says Wojciech Kasprzyk, attorney of Bartłomiej Sokołowski’s family.

Death of 29-year-old Łukasz Łągiewka after police intervention. “Gazeta Wyborcza” reveals a new fragment of the recordingMichael Golebiowski | Facts in the afternoon

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Dramatic interventions

It was August 2021. The family called the police to Łukasz Łągiewka’s apartment in Wrocław. The man was depressed, his relatives feared for his life. In part of the recording, dramatic shouts can be heard, including several calls for help from a 29-year-old man and his relatives trying to stop the officers. Several hours later Łukasz Łągiewka was dead.

Two days before Łukasz’s death, Dmytro also died in the sobering-up center in Wrocław. The 25-year-old was returning home by public transport. He fell asleep and the bus driver couldn’t wake him up, so he called an ambulance. The man wasn’t even seriously intoxicated. The recordings do not show that the man was aggressive towards anyone. He didn’t need medical attention. The police took him to the emergency room. – For several dozen minutes, Dmytro Nikiforenko was simply strangled and beaten there – Jacek Harłukowicz, a journalist and author of an article about Dmytro’s death, reports. The police informed about the consequences towards the officers only in September – on the day of the publication of the article by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. In total, nine people have appeared in court in this case. Four former policemen and five employees of the Wrocław sobering-up centre.

02/09/2021 |  The 25-year-old Ukrainian died in the sobering-up centre.  The film shows that he was beaten, people sat on him

02/09/2021 | The 25-year-old Ukrainian died in the sobering-up centre. The film shows that he was beaten, people sat on himDariusz Prosiecki | TVN facts

No reaction

The intervention against 34-year-old Bartek Sokołowski was recorded by the neighbors and aroused much controversy from the beginning. – Four policemen and none of them said “stop, let’s stop beating him” or “let’s do CPR”. To me, this is typical torture with murder. You don’t even need witnesses, because you can see it all in this film – says Bogdan Sokołowski, father of the late Bartek. After the intervention, riots broke out in the city. Over sixty people were detained. Clarification of all matters from Lower Silesia was promised by Minister Kamiński. Two years later, the families of the victims are still waiting for the word “sorry”.

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