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Farm animals die in agony. The county veterinarian found no irregularities

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Cows in Lanckorona are said to be loved by their owners, and the poviat veterinarian sees no irregularities in their breeding. However, Mr. Władysław’s animals suffer and die. The people are fed up with it.

The cow was on the ground and was unable to get up. She suffered like this for five days. – She roared for two days, tried to give birth to this calf – says Witold Nogieć, a resident of Lanckorona. The calf did not survive. And the cow was unable to move. The inhabitants of Lanckorona cannot stand the sight of Władysław’s dying cows. They called for help to the one who had escaped into the forest from the pasture.

The herd owner claims he was the one who first alerted the vets. – He gave (a veterinarian – editor’s note) two injections, made him say “you have to wait” – assures Władysław Okular, the owner of cows from Lanckorona.

After five days, after the intervention of the Viva! Foundation, the doctor put an end to the animal’s suffering.

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The host ensures that he cares for the herd, which he breeds outdoors all year round, also in winter. Gives water and food twice a day.

Neighbors, however, do not believe in his assurances. – Animals are screaming and howling terribly. Sometimes we close the windows at night because we can’t stand it – says Małgorzata Maślanka, a resident of Lanckorona.

– Behind this happiness there is a lot of suffering, a lot of animals dying without veterinary care. At the moment, we know about seven cows that have died – says Anna Plaszczyk from the “International Movement for Animals – Viva!” Foundation.

Witold Nogieć, once the operator of “Uwagi” TVN, now a private detective, documents the suffering of animals. – You can go for mushrooms and you can, for example, come across a cow carcass lying in the field, it can be tangled in the forest – adds Mr. Witold.

Neighbors alerted the poviat veterinarian that the animals were not cared for, but he did not find any irregularities. – An inspection conducted by the Poviat Veterinary Inspectorate in Wadowice is underway, and a complaint has also been filed against the activities of this inspectorate, we will consider it – Grzegorz Kawiecki, deputy of the Małopolska Voivodship Veterinary Officer, reports.

Szumowo commune. The farmer kept the cows in scandalous conditions. There were also corpses in the barn TSO Szumowo

A wider problem

The situation in Lanckorona resembles that in Grzędin near Wrocław. – There was a veterinarian on the spot who found a threat to the life and health of the animals – says Julia Wójcik from the Society for the Care of Animals in Wrocław.

The Society for the Care of Animals has been alerting the commune’s authorities for months that the host, although he assures about his love for animals, breeds them excessively, does not treat them, does not cope with feeding, so the cows look for food from the neighbors. – These proceedings are carried out for months, if not years, and here on the other side we have live animals and they need an immediate response – warns Agata Jędroś, legal adviser, “Olesiński i Wspólnicy” law firm, plenipotentiary of the Society for the Care of Animals in Wrocław.

These are not the only such cases. The District Court in Olsztyn legally sentenced two farmers to one and a half years in prison. They mistreated at least 90 cows.

Main photo source: Witold Nogec

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