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Farmers announce a blockade of Warsaw. “Thank you. This is not how the EU was supposed to be”

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A protest like no other is scheduled to take place next Tuesday. Farmers announce a strike and a complete blockade of Warsaw. They want to close the border with Ukraine and throw the Green Deal proposed by the European Commission into the trash.

Farmers do not stop the strike. Friday’s talks with the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski from PiS, did not calm down the protesters. On Saturday, they went out again to block the S3 route in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Janusz Wojciechowski listened to farmers on Friday and accepted their demands, but his announcements were not received with enthusiasm. – If it’s going to continue like this, everyone should get on green grass. Thank you. This is not how the EU was supposed to be, says one of the protesters.

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Farmers do not hide their irritation and weariness with the topic. Since last year, they have been raising alarms about the flooding of the Polish and European markets with Ukrainian products. – Farmers have about 8-12 million tons of grain in warehouses. Practically no one wants to buy it because they have no market. How can they buy when Ukrainian grain arrives for PLN 400-450 per tonne? – asks another protester.

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The closure of the border to farmers is not guaranteed by either the EU Commissioner for Agriculture or the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. – We are conducting talks to introduce certain licensing, which would mean that we could control and determine the volume of goods that may affect the Polish market – explains Czesław Siekierski, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development from PSL-Trzecia Droga.

Commissioner Wojciechowski met with farmersTVN24

A problematic commissioner

The European Union has made concessions when it comes to the Green Deal. There is to be no fallow land and no pesticides. However, farmers do not leave the barricades. The talks also concern subsidies and eastern products. Farmers no longer want to listen to announcements. Janusz Wojciechowski will continue to work on their cases. – Farmers expect work from me above all. First of all, hard, hard work and this is the work I declare, this is the work I am doing and I want to do this until the end of my mandate – emphasizes the commissioner. These words are said despite a clear suggestion from President Kaczyński that Janusz Wojciechowski should finish his mission. But there are also people in PiS who side with Janusz Wojciechowski. – Don’t let anyone convince you that he is doing anything against Poland and farmers. Quite the opposite. He has the great support of all agricultural organizations – emphasizes PiS MEP Izabela Kloc.

The government and PiS are calling for the resignation of the Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski

The government and PiS are calling for the resignation of the Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz WojciechowskiJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

The PiS president is supported by the ruling coalition in the matter of the commissioner. – The only thing he did, and the effect he led to, was to unite farmers across Europe in the protest process – says Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. – There should be a change of commissioner as soon as possible – emphasizes Michał Kołodziejczak, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. – He should resign, we should elect a new commissioner – adds Anna Maria Żukowska from the New Left.

Janusz Wojciechowski will most likely stay in office until June. Elections to the European Parliament will be held in June.

Author:Marta Warchoł

Main photo source: Fakty po Południu TVN24

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