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Farmers continue their protest, the EU commissioner from PiS is also criticized by Solidarna Polska politicians

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The preliminary agreement does not reassure Polish farmers – they continue to protest in the streets of Szczecin. They want the government to solve the grain surplus problem as soon as possible. It goes to Janusz Wojciechowski, who is the EU commissioner. He is also criticized by a coalition partner of the United Right, the deputy minister of agriculture. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The sight of a cow, even a plastic one, in the city center is still a bit surprising. The residents of Szczecin are already starting to get used to farmers’ tractors. – We should be in the field, and we are on duty here – says one of the farmers, Władysław Bieniek.

Selling the fruits of your labor and sitting by the coke oven is the reality of farmers. Agreement signed with the Ministry of Agricultureand it is not satisfactory for them. – The protest committee in Szczecin is waiting for talks – emphasizes Władysław Bieniek.

The activities of the ministry are one thing, the help was also announced by the Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski. – It promises 30 million euros. These are mockery. We lost billions of zlotys, and 30 million is what is it for? asks the farmer. – Our agriculture commissioner, but for our agriculture to be treated like this, it is a shame – he adds.

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The farmers drove through Szczecintvn24

PiS commissioner criticized even by Solidarna Polska

Criticism from the main stakeholders should not come as a surprise, but a sharp voice from the Ministry of Agriculture is another matter. – Janusz Wojciechowski completely overslept here – believes Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Janusz Kowalski. – Janusz Wojciechowski took up the writing of court laws that are inconsistent with the constitution, and he should be engaged in agriculture – he emphasizes.

The crisis continues, but the political witch-hunt has only just begun. Janusz Kowalski, asked whether the commissioner should resign, states: “if he was a man of honor, he would resign.”

It is an exceptional case when politicians from two opposing camps speak with one voice. – The balance of Commissioner Wojciechowski’s actions is negative. It can be said that he is not an active commissioner, he does not care about Polish farmers. He did not equalize the subsidies, and in particular he does not react when this reaction is needed – admits Michał Szczerba from the Civic Coalition.

Janusz Wojciechowski has been the EU Commissioner for four years. Today, he assures the protesting farmers that he understands them and is doing everything he can. – I want to emphasize that what I promised and was within the scope of my activities has been implemented or is close to being fully implemented – argues Janusz Wojciechowski.

In turn, Michał Kołodziejczak from AgroUnion states that Janusz Wojciechowski “compromised himself with his work for farmers not only throughout Poland, but also in the European Union.” – But he put the knife deepest in the back of Polish farmers – he assesses.

Ukraine ‘builds infrastructure while we sleep’

How exactly to solve the grain surplus problem is not yet known. The introduction of the announced duty on Ukrainian goods will probably take several months.

– This is a problem that cannot be solved by this method, at least now – says the politician of the Polish People’s Party and former Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki. – It is necessary to immediately stop the import of goods across the border and start systematic export – he appeals.

What is a developed infrastructure needed for? According to agricultural circles, its lack may turn out to be a bottleneck in the export of excess goods. – Today, there is coal in the ports that has been imported and it blocks the possibility of loading this grain – notes Michał Kołodziejczak.

– Even Ukraine, a country at war today, is expanding the railway infrastructure, putting up new silos. The day before yesterday I received a photo of the new silos in Ukraine and the railway investment – points out the president of the Grain and Feed Chamber, Monika Piątkowska. “And we sleep,” he adds.

Main photo source: tvn24

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