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Farmers occupy the Ministry of Agriculture. “That team brewed beer and this team doesn't want to make a decision”

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They blocked the border with Ukraine, highways and national roads. They protested in front of the Sejm, clashing with the police. On Tuesday, farmers' representatives entered the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and do not intend to leave it. They were invited to negotiations.

The meeting with the Minister of Agriculture was attended mainly by representatives of the National Union of Farmers, Agricultural Circles and Organizations and representatives of the “Shukana Wieś” Association, i.e. the one that has recently protested on Polish streets and on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

What do farmers demand?

There is one postulate: it is about fulfilling the government's obligations, mainly to stop the inflow of cheap Ukrainian grain to Poland. They announce that they will not leave the ministry building until they receive the signed regulations. They also demand that the Prime Minister come to them.

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– We don't agree with that. There is our position. We'll be there until twelve o'clock today, or maybe even until the morning. We will not go if this problem is not solved by our government, announced Roman Kondrów from the “Oszukana Wieś” Association.

– Not all obligations have been fulfilled. There are no specific regulations of the Council of Ministers, there is no decision about the border, there is no decision about quotas – says Władysław Serafin, president of the National Union of Farmers, Agricultural Circles and Organizations.

Kołodziejczak: farmers received far-reaching assurances from the governmentTVN24

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– That team brewed beer, and this team doesn't want to make a decision – commented Wiesław Gryn from the “Oszukana Wieś” Association.

Some activists announce a change in the form of the protest

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is not yet commenting on what is happening within the ministry, but when asked this morning about farmers' demands, Deputy Minister Stefan Krajewski assured that the ministry is doing everything to reconcile aid to Ukraine with the interests of Polish farmers.

– The issue of relations with Ukraine. We are also in constant contact. These talks are ongoing so that we can arrange these relations in such a way that by helping Ukraine we do not harm Polish farmers and Polish entrepreneurs. And here we are, said Stefan Krajewski, deputy minister of agriculture and rural development from the Polish People's Party-Third Way.

Some activists announced that they would change the form of the protest on Thursday. They are to picket in front of the parliamentary offices of both the current coalition and the United Right MPs.

Main photo source: TVN24

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