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Farmers' protest in the Sejm. Jarosław Kaczyński met with protesters

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Jarosław Kaczyński met with a group of farmers protesting in the Sejm who are demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk. – This is a completely justified protest – said the PiS president. He noted that some of his party's ideas “are consistent with those of the gentlemen here.” Former Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus will spend another night with farmers.

Last Thursday, 11 farmers started a protest in the Sejm, demanding a conversation with the Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the EU Green Deal. On Monday, Mariusz Borowiak from the “Orka” Agricultural Union announced that protesters would start a hunger strike. He announced that the protest would continue until Tusk meets with them. However, the Prime Minister stated that he did not plan to meet the group of farmers protesting in the Sejm. According to him, the protesting group is not representative of farmers.

On Wednesday evening, after the voting in the Sejm, a delegation met with the protesting farmers PiS MPs, in which he was, among others, president of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynskihead of the PiS club Mariusz Błaszczak and former Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus. Telus will spend the second night with farmers in the Sejm.

At a short press conference after more than half an hour of conversation, the content of which the media could not hear, Kaczyński emphasized that the protesters did not agree with the policy that “ultimately (…) will lead to the collapse of Polish agriculture.” – This is a completely justified protest – he said.

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Jarosław Kaczyński met with protesting farmers PAP/Leszek Szymański

Kaczyński met with farmers

As he said, he talked to farmers, among others: about their chosen form of protest, i.e. hunger strike. – This is a very risky decision and we cannot support it. In the sense that we cannot strive for people whom (…) we value to risk their health, and if it lasts longer, their lives, he said.

The next topic was how to resolve the ongoing conflict. As Kaczyński emphasized, the easiest way would be to meet Prime Minister Donald Tusk in the Sejm or at the Prime Minister's office. – But if this is ruled out by the Prime Minister, we will have to look for other solutions. We have certain ideas and these ideas are consistent with those of the gentlemen here, he said.

The PiS president said that in his opinion the farmers' protest will continue, but “maybe in forms that are not so drastic and so dangerous to human health.”

On Wednesday, farmers also announced that they had invited MPs from all parliamentary clubs. They said that on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Robert Telus, former Minister of Agriculture, kept watch over the farmers. On Wednesday evening, after the end of the Sejm session, he and Anna Gembicka joined the protesting farmers. The MPs confirmed that they intended to sleep with the farmers for another night.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymański

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