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Farmers’ protest, the Green Deal and imports from Ukraine. Marek Sawicki comments

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The European Commission is most responsible. He’s been silent for two years, doing nothing. He knows that there are surpluses of food – said Marek Sawicki (PSL-Trzecia Droga) in “Piasecki’s Rozmowa”, referring to the low prices of agricultural products in Poland. He also appealed to Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

MP of the PSL-Trzecia Droga club, Marek Sawicki, spoke in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24 about the ongoing farmers’ protest. They propose abandoning the provisions of the so-called Green Deal, sealing the borders against the inflow of agri-food products from Ukrainearguing that Polish agriculture is suffering.

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Sawicki was asked whether, in his opinion, agricultural goods from Ukraine are most responsible for the decline in prices of agricultural products in Poland.

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– She is the most responsible European Commission. He’s been silent for two years, doing nothing. He knows there is a surplus of food. And it is high time to allocate – I have been saying this for several months – at least five billion euros to export 20 million tons of grain, which is (…) in surplus, from Europe to Africa and Near East. Where almost a billion people are hungry, he said. In his opinion, such humanitarian aid must be provided “at least for the next 10 years.”

– Part of the rich world that can produce and has the conditions to produce food has food in surplus. And we have a billion people starving, he continued.

– I encourage the Prime Minister Donald Tusk: dear friend Donald, go to your colleague Ursula von der Leyen (head of the European Commission – ed.), arrange for five billion times 10, i.e. 50 billion for 10 years, for the humanitarian export of food surpluses from Europe – appealed the MP.

And he added: – Stop talking about further subsidies for farmers, because they are fed up with this bureaucracy, fed up with these receipts.

Main photo source: TVN24

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