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Farmers went to a PiS picnic to talk to the rulers. They heard that “they are being deceived”

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Farmers are alarming that there is a problem with the purchase prices of soft fruit in Poland. They talk about the flooding of the market with goods from abroad and about the intermediaries’ price fixing. They are unsuccessfully trying to get through to the government, which, although it boasts of its care for farmers, does not want to talk to the protesters.

Nobody from the government came to the protesters in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for five days. – There are 10 soft fruit producers who are standing here and want to talk about their drama – indicates Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of AgroUnia. – (Government – editor’s note) ignores us, pretends not to see us. He claims that everything is under control, and nothing is under control – says Krzysztof Chmiel, a farmer from the Lublin region, an AgroUnion activist.

The protesters decided to go to a PiS picnic in Lesser Poland to talk and tell President Jarosław Kaczyński about the problems of farmers and producers of raspberries and cherries.

It’s largely up to the farmers. If they do not create a cooperative and if they do not cooperate with each other, it will not be possible, said Jarosław Kaczyński during the first attempt to talk about the problem.

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Raspberry growers protested in Warsaw. The government announces the purchase through a state-owned companyJan Błaszkowski/Fakty TVN

Kaczyński to farmers: you should organize yourself

Paweł Drabik is a local entrepreneur and AgroUnion activist. During the second attempt to talk to Jarosław Kaczyński, he said: – Why did you deceive your voters, who voted for you, who trusted you? You left them now. In poverty without help! the activist accused the president. – Sir, we have not deceived anyone. There is money for that – replied the president of Law and Justice.

Jarosław Kaczyński first reiterated that the government would pay subsidies to farmers. Then that it’s up to the farmers to organize themselves and that there’s not much else the government can do about it.

– Remember one thing, we have a system of local governments, and especially we have no influence on private companies that cheat you. But really, you are being deceived. You should organize yourself – said Jarosław Kaczyński to Paweł Drabik, then got into the car and drove off.

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AgroUnion activists also failed to talk to the former prime minister, Beata Szydło, although it was she who, at a meeting in Proszowice a year ago, when asked about the bad situation on the grain market, promised help in organizing a meeting with the then minister.

Farmers have ready and specific solutions that, if PiS introduced, could solve the problem of selling Polish fruit for years. However, first the minister would have to go outside the building and simply listen to them. – If nothing changes, we will all disappear completely – says Krzysztof Chmiel, a farmer from the Lublin region, an AgroUnion activist.

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