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Fashion market. They decided that fashion “will go to the past”? Manipulation of an old report

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On Polish Twitter and Facebook, information is spreading that by 2030 “fashion will be abolished” and “people will only be able to buy three pieces of clothing a year”. In this false message, a report from 2019 was used, which was recently used to create another fake news, willingly given by politicians of the ruling camp.

“The World Economic Forum has declared that fashion will be abolished by 2030: ‘All people will wear uniforms’ and all people will be vegan whether they like it or not” – she wrote anonymous Twitter user July 3 (original spelling). The tweet included a link to an English-language article titled similarly to the content of her post. This text was published on the same day on The People’s Voice; it bears a photo of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). In a thread long for more than 20 tweets, the Internet user published translations of subsequent fragments of the article into Polish. Her posts have reached a large reach: the first tweet was viewed almost 72,000 times. times, almost 720 users liked it, over 420 shared it.

Tweet from July 3, 2023 with a false claimTwitter

The thread was commented on by many indignant Twitter users. “There are 7 years left… Don’t be afraid. It means that depopulation will take place to the max before this time, because many people would not be able to cope with it”; “His should someone… I mean, not just him. The whole WEF, WHO and Brussels brothel. God help me”; “Let’s put them in these uniforms and then on a rocket to Mars with a one-way ticket”; “North Korea?” – they wrote. Some, however, doubted the veracity of the message: “Thepeoplesvoice and all is clear”; “Are they serious?”

Also Polish users Facebook spread the word about WEF’s alleged plans for the fashion market. “All people will wear uniforms the world economic forum has declared by 2030 fashion will be completely gone and all people will be vegan, whether they like it or not. A recent report that was written in 2019 states that people will only be able to buy three pieces clothes per year and will be banned from buying or eating meat.

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We checked where this thesis came from – because it is not true. This is a manipulation using a document from four years ago.

The source of the website after rebranding, which previously spread fake news

The basis for the claim spread on the web is the aforementioned article from The People’s Voice. The author describes the 2019 report “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World”. He argues that the report was allegedly funded by the WEF, and it reads, among other things, that “people will only be able to buy three clothes a year and will not be able to buy or eat meat.”

“Beginning on page 66, the report summarizes what they hope to impose on us. Below are illustrations of their ‘ambitions’ that need no further comment except to say that all these plans are made and agreed outside of the democratic process and in classic dictatorial fashion under false pretext,” the text reads. Graphics with excerpts from the report were published there. On one is table number 4, which relates to clothes. This one was captioned “Apparel and Textile Consumption Activities and Related Goals.” It sets out a “progressive target” for 2030: eight new items of clothing per person per year, and an “ambitious target”: three items of new clothing per person per year. The published graphics show similar goals for meat consumption, dairy consumption, household waste reduction and the number of flights.

The table that became the source of fake newsThe People’s Voice

However, The People’s Voice is not a reliable source of information. This is a new version of the Newspunch website known for spreading fake news – he noticed Snopes fact-checking service in April. Changing the name of a website or Internet domain can be a way to bypass algorithms that search for fake news in social media.

In April at Konkret24 we verified another claim published by The People’s Voice, which was also referred to by Polish Internet users. Back then it was a conspiracy theory that the WEF and the UN wanted to mandate “water rationing”. Misleading information from The People’s Voice was also verified by other fact-checking editorial offices: the aforementioned snops and healthfeedback.org (checks medical topics).

How a false message was built on the 2019 report – once again

Is fashion really supposed to be abolished by 2030 and “all people will wear uniforms”, according to the quoted report? It is worth noting that in the text of the website the word “uniforms” appears only once – in the title.

Well, the report “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World” was prepared by representatives of the largest cities in the world involved in the fight against climate change (C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, C40 Cities), Arup design office and scientists from the University of Leeds in Great Britain. The document presents recommendations, the implementation of which – according to the authors – can stop global warming at the level of +1.5 degrees Celsius specified in the Paris Agreement from 2015. An increase in global temperature more than one and a half degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels will mean an exacerbation of climate change such as heat waves, water shortages in sensitive regions, the loss of almost all coral reefs, a decline in food production and a rise in world sea level, he explains. Naukaoklimacie.pl.

The recommendations in the C40 Cities report covered six categories of consumption: Clothing and textiles; buildings and infrastructure; Food; private transportation; Aircraft; Electronics and household appliances. In the Clothing and textiles category, the authors of the report simply recommend city dwellers to limit the number of clothes they buy. In the basic scenario presented by them, one person should limit the purchase of clothes to eight pieces a year, and in the ambitious scenario – to three pieces (p. 82). According to scientists’ estimates, such a reduction in clothing purchases would be good both for the pockets of residents and for the climate. It would mean savings of USD 93 billion a year and 15.5 thousand dollars per person over 20 years (p. 103), but above all, reducing the emission of harmful substances by 39 percent. compared to the 2017 level (p. 20).

So these are not mandatory WEF recommendations or plans. On February 15 this year, the portal informed about what the recommendations of the C40 Cities report actually mean smog.pl. In a commentary to the portal, Rolf Rosenkranz of the C40 Cities Communications Department explained: “Regarding the ‘ambitious targets’ for 2030, the report states: Bulk adoption of these targets in C40 cities is not recommended. They are listed to provide a set of benchmarks for These can be taken into account when considering different emission reduction alternatives and long-term visions for a given city.

The same report has already been used once to create a false message that has become very popular in Poland – it was in February this year, and the fake news that was sent out then said that the Warsaw authorities wanted to ban meat eating. This message was even repeated by some politicians of the ruling camp – we verified it in Konkret24.

Was the 2019 C40 Cities report funded by the WEF? No information indicates that. At the beginning of the document, the authors write: “This report has been generously supported by the Citi Foundation”, on the back cover it states: “This report was co-authored and produced jointly by C40, Arup and the University of Leeds with funding from Arup, the University of Leeds and the Citi Foundation”. So the rumors that the World Economic Forum is planning “fashion will be abolished” are all the more perpetuating the falsehood.

Author:Gabriela Sieczkowska

Main photo source: CatwalkPhotos/Shutterstock/Twitter

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