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Fat Thursday 2023. How much does a donut cost? How expensive are the donuts? Analysis

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February 16, 2023 is Fat Thursday, the most important holiday for donut lovers. According to HRE Investments, we will pay an average of PLN 4.63 for one piece of yeast delicacy with rose jam. “This is as much as 31 percent more than last year” – analysts emphasize.

“Donuts have never been as expensive as they are today” – we read in the analysis. We also learn from it that in just one day we can spend PLN 176 million on donuts.

Fat Thursday – how much do donuts cost?

“Available estimates suggest that on Fat Thursday, a statistical Pole eats 2-3 donuts. This means that today we will eat over 100 million pieces of this popular confectionery product” – said HRE Investments analysts.

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They pointed out that “both the prices and the quality of donuts sold in Poland vary greatly.” They pointed out that “in hypermarkets and food discount stores, we can even find donuts with a price around PLN 1 per piece”, and “at the other extreme, we will find proposals sold under recognized labels or by celebrities”, where “the price sometimes rises to abstract levels of a dozen or even several dozen zlotys apiece.

According to estimates by HRE Investments, a donut made according to a traditional recipe, i.e. a donut fried in lard and filled with rose jam, should cost PLN 4.63 this year, which is 31 percent more than in the previous year. more than a year ago.

“It is worth noting that the valuation included not only the prices of semi-finished products (flour, sugar, milk, lard, yeast or rose jam) but also the costs of labour, energy, materials and the margin from which the confectioner, in addition to the profit, has to pay for the premises, maintain the equipment, etc. However, it should be emphasized that due to high production costs, some confectioners may be forced to apply lower margins than in previous years.

HRE Investments

According to analysts, assuming that one donut, but “one made with heart – from high-quality ingredients based on a traditional recipe”, “we will spend over PLN 176 million on donuts today”. “We are talking about the equivalent of 381 two-room apartments in the largest cities in our country” – they emphasized.

Donuts and flats – analysis

Experts explained that for several years they have also been studying “a donut-housing index showing the purchasing power of a traditional donut against the background of real estate prices”. “On the one hand, we have flats, which in the 7 largest cities, according to the available NBP data, increased in price by over 8 percent during the year, and on the other donuts, whose prices increased by as much as 31 percent during the year.” – they gave.

“So the effect is as we mentioned above – this year we will eat as many donuts as 381 apartments are worth. This result is 66 units higher than last year. In other words, in the list of apartments and donuts, the latter definitely win. the purchasing power of a traditional donut has increased much more than housing prices.

HRE Investments

At the end of the analysis, HRE Investments noted that “the material is abstract and is a kind of fun with numbers”, so “so it should not be interpreted differently”.

Main photo source: Marta Jakubiak / Contact 24

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