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Fat Thursday 2024. With pistachios, matcha, bacon? The most surprising flavors of donuts

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Those who do not eat a single donut on Fat Thursday will not be successful – says the old saying. What sweets should we choose if we don’t like their classic versions or we like culinary novelties? Every year, confectioners surprise more and more.

Everything indicates that pistachio donuts will be the hit of this year’s Fat Thursday. Donut shops and artisan confectioneries compete with each other in various variations. In the most classic version, they are filled with thick pistachio cream and covered with delicate lemon icing. They can also be found with raspberry or rose filling.

No less tasty are the dumplings generously covered with pistachio glaze and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Baking enthusiasts who are not afraid of sweetness may also like donuts with pistachio cream and white chocolate or cream with the flavor of Kinder Bueno bars. Those who don’t like pistachios may be interested in other unusual donuts.

Fat Thursday 2024. The most interesting flavors of donuts

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After taking cafes by storm, Japanese matcha moves into the world of desserts. Cheesecakes and brownies with the addition of powdered green tea are now permanently available in confectionery shops. On the occasion of Fat Thursday, you can also try donuts filled with a thick and aromatic cream based on it. Those who prefer a cup of classic milk coffee to a bitter matcha latte may like donuts with coffee-caramel cream or coffee-flavored filling and sweet orange marmalade.

Pistachio donuts are the hit of this year’s Fat ThursdayShutterstock

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Another interesting proposition are bombardino donuts stuffed with a filling flavored with a sweet, warming cocktail popular on Italian ski slopes. Donuts with white chocolate and prosecco cream are equally tasty. They can also be found in the form of donuts covered with icing of the same taste. At this point, we should also mention the donuts filled with plum jam, enriched with cinnamon and rum.

Those who prefer less sweet combinations may like donuts with raspberries and refreshing lemon cream. Other interesting options include donuts with passion fruit icing and donuts with whipped cream and tangerine. Donuts filled with cheese, baked apple and raisins are also worth trying.

Donuts for those who don’t like sweets

Browsing through the bakery’s offers, you can also find interesting suggestions for lovers of sweet and salty combinations. One of the more distinctive ones are donuts with goat cheese and fig jam. Donuts with bacon pieces and covered with sweet maple syrup also seem intriguing. People who completely avoid sweets may enjoy savory donuts: with meat, vegetable or cheese filling.

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Fat Thursday 2024

Fat Thursday is celebrated on the last Thursday before Lent, i.e. 52 days before Easter. The tradition exists not only in Poland. Germany they celebrate just like us – on Thursday. In the UK, USA, France and Australia They eat baked goods on Tuesday, the last day of carnival before Ash Wednesday. The Scandinavian equivalent of Fat Thursday is celebrated on the last Sunday before Lent. In turn, east of the Polish border, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated throughout the week.

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