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Father Rydzyk’s Foundation received funding from the Ministry of National Defence

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Huge amounts of money, counted in hundreds of millions of zlotys, have been flowing to the Father Tadeusz Rydzyk Foundation for a long time. Recently, the Ministry of National Defense has shed a penny. PLN 140,000 was donated to military training for young people. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Inflation it touches everyone, even though the father does Tadeusz Rydzyk seems to have found a solution. – If all listeners and TV viewers felt responsible and everyone systematically helped every month, we would be able to do it – he says.

– Few payments from viewers means that few people watch. That’s the market. Tadeusz Rydzyk, as a businessman, should be perfectly aware of this, states Adam Szłapka from Nowoczesna.

The financial problems of the television station “Trwam” belonging to the Lux Veritatis Foundation still surprise the opposition MPs. – It is shameful to say something like that in a situation where there is no money for health care, no money for oncology, no money for psychiatry, no money for children’s psychiatry – assesses Krzysztof Brejza from Platforma Obywatelska.

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Funding for the Father Rydzyk Foundation

So far, the Tadeusz Rydzyk Foundation has received at least PLN 325 million from the state, although these are still incomplete calculations. – Director Rydzyk has already received horrendous money and support from the authorities, and it is never enough – comments Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the Left.

Entrance to father Rydzyk and Lux ​​Veritatis cafe in Toruńtvn24.pl

Money flows not only from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister or ministries. Transfers also come from public institutions. – We should probably not talk about your father as a father, but as a president – assesses the non-associated MP Hanna Gill-Piątek.

So the question is what does the Foundation actually do. – It seems to me that a very broad promotion of God’s work – believes Piotr Kaleta from Law and Justice.

“As part of military training of youth”

For example, 140,000 zlotys were transferred to the account of the Tadeusz Rydzyk Foundation “as part of military training for young people”. – Give me a project, and I’ll come up with a need. Give me a ministry and I’ll come up with an action that I’ll put under this ministry – says Krzysztof Śmiszek from the Left,

This is not the first funding of the Foundation from the Ministry of National Defence. – It clearly shows that he is a very key figure for the Ministry of National Defense – judges Magdalena Łosko from Platforma Obywatelska.

Tadeusz RydzykTVN24

Ministry of National Defence in response to our questions, he indicates that the Foundation has met the required conditions: experience in implementing similar projects or statutory activities.

Krzysztof Śmiszek, when asked what the Father Rydzyk Foundation has to do with the military, replies: “I wonder myself.” – Probably this military character is related to Father Rydzyk’s Foundation, like a fist to the nose, which is nothing – he adds.

“Bundled transaction”

The statutory objectives of the Foundation are available on its website. It is about studying the attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Second World War, it is about cultural studies or the dissemination of religious and social education, there is no mention of the military. – Any form of a certain promotion of young people being able to train in terms of defense is advisable – argues Piotr Kaleta.

According to Hanna Gill-Piątek, it is only about “buying airtime in Father Rydzyk’s media.” Politicians of the United Right are happy to be on Rydzyk’s television, even to discuss within not so much their own coalition, but even political parties.

Adam Szłapka claims that the Rydzyk Foundation is not needed by the church. – It is needed by Tadeusz Rydzyk, and Tadeusz Rydzyk is needed PiS. And PiS is needed by Tadeusz Rydzyk. It’s a bundled deal, he says.

Main photo source: TVN24

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