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Father Tadeusz Rydzyk received a sword from Jacek Sasin and the president of the Enea Group. The sword is a fake for 250,000. zloty?

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Sword or no sword, that is the question. The case of a sword worth a quarter of a million zlotys stood on the edge of a knife. According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the weapons allegedly from the times of Mieszko I donated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin and the president of Enea to Tadeusz Rydzyk’s father may not be original.

– If a professor, an expert says that something is 90 percent fake, then in colloquial language it is 100 percent fake – says Piotr Głuchowski from “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

The allegedly over a thousand-year-old sword donated at Jasna Góra is to be a pearl in the collection of Father Rydzyk’s Museum of Memory and Identity, which is being built in Toruń.

– Ms. Berenika Ratajczak, Enea’s spokeswoman, puts the entire blame on the Memory and Identity Foundation, that is, she writes to me in an e-mail that the sword was found by the foundation, it was she who provided the expertise of experts whose names, unfortunately, Ms. Berenika cannot reveal to me, and which it said the sword was original. And the Memory and Identity Foundation, having collected money from Enea, bought this sword for itself – explains Głuchowski.

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In his article, the journalist refers to the opinions of well-known authorities in the field of archeology and early medieval times.

A sword from the “times of Mieszko I” for Father Rydzyk. “People paid for this sword in electricity bills”Jacek Sasin/Twitter

Archaeologist: This is an absolute scandal

We talked to Professor Przemysław Urbańczyk from the Institute of Archeology of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and the Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

– I’ve seen a lot of these swords and I know what a sword from the times of Mieszko I looks like. Most of them were found in tombs or in the water and they are so corroded that it’s scary to touch them, and here everyone touches this gem with their bare hands. This is an absolute scandal, they should only touch it with gloves, the scientist notes.

It is not only the excellent state of preservation of the weapons from the beginning of the Polish state that is puzzling. In addition, the sword was supposed to have been purchased in an unspecified Polish antique shop, which, according to experts, is highly suspicious. There are only a few dozen similar specimens in Poland.

– I would like to remind you that in Poland the law prohibits trading in archaeological artefacts, with one exception, when you can prove that it was in a family collection. But a sword that would have to be in a collection for several dozen years and no one has heard of it … well, it’s actually impossible – assessed Urbańczyk.

Enea cuts off speculation on the sword, and threatens “Gazeta Wyborcza” with a lawsuit. And he assures that this sword definitely remembers the times of Mieszko I.

A sword for a quarter of a million zlotys for Father RydzykPAP/Waldemar Deska

“PiS gives Rydzyk swords and people pay for it in their bills”

Enea issued a statement regarding the article published in “Gazeta Wyborcza”. “Experts referred to by the editor Piotr Głuchowski assessed the object on the basis of materials available in the media – without observing the basic principles resulting from the methodology of research work. When assessing the object, and especially its originality, it should be examined by inspection” – reads the statement .

– Good photos are enough to tell 99 percent whether it’s a fake or not – explains Urbańczyk. At foreign auctions, swords from the end of the 10th century fetch a maximum price of PLN 35,000. Jacek Sasin canceled Friday’s meeting with journalists in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. A few days ago, in the Sejm, he said: – Today I invite you to this museum. The state must support cultural institutions, including state-owned companies.

The Museum of Memory and Identity did not answer our questions about who checked the authenticity of the sword and what expertise it had.

– If it is a fake for PLN 250,000, this is the first time someone has made Sasin a horse, not someone Sasin – he said Vladimir Czarzasty from the Left. – PIS he distributes swords to Rydzyk, and people pay for it in their bills. People, look at your bills, he said Slawomir Nitras from the Civic Coalition.

Monks in white robes with swords in their hands simply do not have a good association in Poland.

Main photo source: Jacek Sasin/Twitter

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