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FBI warns against using public phone charging stations – Adam Haertle comments

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns against using public phone charging stations in airports, hotels and shopping malls. As indicated, they can be used by cybercriminals to carry out attacks. Whether such a cyberattack is possible, is it profitable, and who can be its target, was discussed by Adam Haertle from the industry portal trusted.pl in “You get up and the weekend” on TVN24.

In recent days, the FBI posted a Twitter warning against using public phone charging stations. “Scammers have figured out how to use public USB ports to inject malware and monitoring software onto devices. Carry your own charger and USB cable with you and use an electrical outlet,” the entry stated.

Adam Haertle from the industry portal trusted.pl pointed out that the warning was issued by the FBI office in Denver. – It then said that it cited the Federal Communications Commission, which had also issued such a statement earlier based on the New York Times article, based on an even earlier Los Angeles Attorney’s Office publication that was in the meantime withdrawn and no one paid attention to it – explained the guest of “You get up and the weekend” on TVN24.

As he explained, the publication was withdrawn because “security experts appealed not to warn about attacks that do not exist.” “This attack is theoretically possible, but no one has ever seen it in real life in such everyday use,” Haertle said.

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“It is extremely expensive to carry out such an attack”

– This is one of those threats that is technically and theoretically possible, but carrying out such an attack is extremely expensive due to the development of security measures on the part of phone manufacturers – said the TVN24 guest. Haertle noted that “it’s much simpler and much cheaper to text someone with a link to click than to wait for them to connect to the charger we’ve prepared in advance.”

As the expert pointed out, “the story probably dates back to 2011, when at one of the security conferences, experts showed that a connected phone can be hijacked, it is possible to take over the files on it, but since 2011 there has been a huge change in the security of mobile phones “.

– It’s been 12 years of development of these security mechanisms, so today all new phones, newer than 5 years, should be protected against this type of attack – he noted.

Who can fall victim?

However, there are people who should be especially careful and watch out for the potential use of a new method of operation by fraudsters.

– If it is not the circumstances that someone, for example, gives us a charger as a gift and we are not conducting some super important investigation, a journalistic investigation against someone extremely rich who has committed acts that should not necessarily see the light of day from his perspective, then in every otherwise, such attacks will simply not happen to us, because it is not profitable for criminals – assessed Adam Haertle.

– Spend a million dollars to infect a few random people, no one has such frills, they will send this SMS sooner – summed up the guest of “You get up and the weekend”.

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