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Festival “Mountains of Literature”. Donald Tusk and Anne Applebaum on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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During the meeting with the journalist Anne Applebaum at the “Mountains of Literature” festival, PO leader Donald Tusk said that in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe managed to incorporate the ethical element into decision-making and political thinking. “The question is how long this ethical tension will last,” he added.

On Thursday, Tusk took part in the “Mountains of Literature” festival at Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, where he met with the American-Polish journalist and writer focusing on the history and politics of Central and Eastern Europe, Anne Applebaum.

The interlocutors drew attention to the issue of the attitude of Western European states and societies towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine. – The voice of public opinion in Western Europe is worrying. Today, governments and parties are more anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian, and it is different with public opinions, said Tusk.

As he assessed, persistence in an anti-Russian attitude supporting Ukraine is much more likely in the countries of the region – Poland, the Baltic states or Romania – than in Western countries. – Such SpaniardsIf they have to pay much higher prices for energy for a year, and the alternative is some peace in the east, it is difficult for me to imagine maintaining these pro-Ukrainian emotions on the entire continent for a long time, said the former prime minister.

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Anne Applebaum and Donald TuskFestival “Mountains of Literature”

– Aid for Ukraine is not only a matter of persistence and consistency, but also its intensity today. Today, the heroic resistance of Ukraine means that it is impossible to say openly to someone in the West: okay, surrender – said Tusk. In his opinion, neither Ukraine nor the West in this sense can afford a long-term war.

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Tusk: the question of how long this ethical tension will survive

He stressed that in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe has once again managed to “incorporate the ethical element” into the decision-making and political thinking process. – This is a unique breakthrough, the question of how long this ethical tension will last – he assessed. As he added, the situation now “looks much better than you might have expected when you looked at all these actors a few years ago.”

Applebaum, on the other hand, emphasized that so far the dissatisfaction of the public has no impact on support for Ukraine, but this may change in the future. As she assessed, a greater influence may be gained by pro-Russian parties in Western European countries, especially in a situation where war in Ukraine it will continue and economic difficulties will fall on Europe.

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