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Film producer and insurgent Honorary Citizens of Warsaw

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The city councilors granted honorary citizenship of Warsaw to the film producer and social worker Janusz Dorosiewicz and to Juliusz Kulesza, a participant in the Warsaw Uprising.

The ceremonial session, which took place in the Great Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology, was opened by the President of the Warsaw Council, Ewa Malinowska Grupińska. The banner of the city was introduced, and the city guard played the Warsaw bugle call on trumpets.

The chairwoman welcomed the councilors and the guests and then presented the profiles of honorary citizens of Warsaw.

“Warsaw insurgents teach us something very important”

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The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, who was also present at the session, noted that it was no coincidence that the ceremonial session was held in the hall of the Warsaw University of Technology. – Primarily because it is one of the most beautiful places of this type in Poland, but it also gives us a reason to consider a few things that are extremely important to us – he said. He reminded that a quote from Jan Zamojski was engraved in the hall: “Republics will always be like their youth.”

– These thoughts that accompany various generations convey to us a very important wisdom, which was also the wisdom of the Warsaw insurgents who gave their lives for our homeland – he stressed.

He assessed that “we often talk about patriotism (…) and that’s good, because it is a word that is a signpost for all of us, regardless of our views, to which environment we belong.”

– When we talk about the Warsaw Uprising, we mainly think about the patriotism of struggle, courage, resistance and stubbornness towards the invader. But the Warsaw insurgents teach us something more important, namely not only that patriotism is needed in times of trial, but also patriotism in building the Republic, inscribing it into the future. This is patriotism much more difficult – he explained.

He stressed that Warsaw was not supposed to exist. He noted that this is of particular importance when we look at what is happening in Ukraine now, when we see cities razed to the ground and the whole world wonders if they will ever be able to be rebuilt. And we know they can. We can even help with that. And we help. Because we have our own experience, because we know that we must not give up, he added.

“The heart always beat the strongest in Warsaw”

Honorary Citizens of Warsaw also spoke.

– This is one of the most important days of my life. The local government of Warsaw is open to society and that is why my activity was possible. In my long life I have been to many places, but my heart has always been strongest in Warsaw. I accept this great honor as a debt that I will repay until the end of my days. And I’ve been paying it off for many years. My dream about Warsaw still lasts, because it’s worth living not only for yourself – said Janusz Dorosiewicz.

Juliusz Kulesza pointed out that he is a 95-year-old Varsovian and the most important events of his life are inscribed in the plan of Warsaw, but the culmination of these Warsaw experiences was the uprising. – I participated in it as a soldier of the Home Army, the crew of the famous PWPW redoubt. After the war, I decided to continue this service in the sense that, despite graduating from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, I transformed over time from an artist into a man writing about the Warsaw Uprising. Some of these books have accumulated, but they can only be written in Warsaw, he stressed

– Becoming an Honorary Citizen of Warsaw is for me, emotionally, the pinnacle of my career – he emphasized.

The speeches were rewarded with thunderous applause.

Then, statuettes of the Warsaw Mermaid were presented to the winners of the Capital City of Warsaw Award. of Warsaw.

Monuments, Deyna’s ashes and Patton Boulevard

Janusz Dorosiewicz – architect and film producer, in the years 1992-1998 director of the Central Military Sports Club Legia (CWKS).

Film producer Janusz DorosiewiczPAP/Rafał Guz

He founded two foundations that erected three monuments in prestigious locations in the center of Warsaw: the Ronald Reagan monument in Aleje Ujazdowskie, opposite the US Embassy on the 100th anniversary of the President’s birth; the “Solidarity” monument, part of which is the original Berlin Wall embedded in the monument; Monument to Kazimierz Deyna.

Janusz Dorosiewicz also brought to Poland the ashes of Kazimierz Deyna, a great football player who tragically died in a car accident in the USA. He supports the Lviv sports club “Pogoń”.

On the initiative of Dorosiewicz, one of the sections of the Warsaw boulevard on the Vistula is named after the American general George S. Patton.

Shooter in the Warsaw Uprising

Juliusz Kulesza is a graphic designer by profession, a writer and historian by passion and conviction. As a shooter he participated in the Warsaw Uprising. After liberation, he wrote and published many books about his experiences during the occupation and documenting the events of the uprising.

For many years of merit, Juliusz Kulesza received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Cross of Valor, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Home Army Cross, the Warsaw Uprising Cross, the Partisan Cross, the Army Medal, the Medal for Warsaw, the Medal for Popularizing the Warsaw Uprising, the badge for Merits for Warsaw , honorary badges of veterans’ circles: the “Leśnik” Group, the “Róg” Group, the “Dzik” and “Pięść” battalions. He remained non-partisan throughout his life. It belongs only to the World Association of Home Army Soldiers, the Association of Warsaw Insurgents and the Polish Historical Society. In 2018, he was promoted by the Ministry of National Defense to the rank of captain of the Polish Army.

Participant in the Warsaw Uprising Juliusz Kulesza PAP/Rafał Guz

A person awarded the Honorary Citizenship receives: the Medal of Honorary Citizen, a badge of dignity to be pinned, a diploma and an identity card. The ceremonial presentation of the badges of Honorary Citizenship is performed by the Chairman of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw at a ceremonial session of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw on the occasion of the Warsaw Remembrance Day or during another ceremony. The Chairman of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw keeps the Book of Honorary Citizens of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Gallery of Honorary Citizens of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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Jan Ołdakowski on the program of the celebrations of the anniversary of the uprisingTVN24

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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