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Film School in Łódź: the commission for combating mobbing examines applications from 20 lecturers

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The commission for combating mobbing operating at the Film School in Łódź examines anonymous reports of students concerning 20 academic teachers who were alleged to have committed physical and psychological violence. – We consistently investigate all disturbing signals. At this stage, I can say that the university recommended ending the cooperation with two of them – says Krzysztof Brzezowski from the university’s press office.

This is another group of academic teachers who were to commit physical or psychological violence during their classes. The journalists of “Gazeta Wyborcza” were the first to inform about the latest activities of the anti-mobbing committee at a well-known university.

– The university consistently reacted, reacts and will react to all signals about unacceptable practices during classes – says Krzysztof Brzezowski from the press office of the Łódź Film School.

As he points out, at this stage, he cannot inform which lecturers are affected by the committee’s activities.

– It’s too early for that. We carefully examine all submissions. However, I can convey that the commission recommended ending cooperation with the Film School towards two lecturers, emphasized Brzezowski.

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Earthquake at the university

“The next step is to listen to those people who are named and it is happening”TVN24

In March this year, accusations of abuse and violence against students of the Lodz Film School were made public by the university graduate, actress Anna Paliga. By name, she named teachers, including the former rector, who were to commit acts of verbal and physical violence while working with future actors.

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After her speech, an urgent meeting of the anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination committee of the university was convened. The new (from September 2020) rector of the university, dr hab. Milenia Fiedler announced the implementation of a number of activities aimed at examining the scale of negative phenomena, taking care of the injured and bringing consequences to those guilty of abuses.

A month later, the university informed about the results of the commission’s work: it was decided refer the case of the former chancellor of the Film School to the disciplinary spokesman. According to Paliga’s letter, the director and teacher were supposed to be furious almost every day while working on his diploma performance; it was also supposed to humiliate other students and technical workers.


Paliga also described the behavior of one of the lecturers, who was supposed to be so dissatisfied with the work of one of the students that during the classes he threw a chair at the whole group, which knocked a hole in the ceiling, and later repeatedly depreciated the student’s work, convincing him that he was good for nothing he broadcasts and will never become an actor. The commission stated that the pedagogue used unacceptable methods of working with students and that the charges against him could constitute grounds for terminating the employment contract. At the same time, students’ voices in defense of the lecturer were also taken into account, as well as the willingness to change the way of work expressed by the educator. Ultimately, his case also went to the disciplinary officer.

The Film School in Łódź is fighting mobbing

Main photo source: TVN24 Lodz

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