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Financial Times: new Patriot systems first for Ukraine. Other countries must wait

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All open orders for Patriot air defense systems will be suspended and new batteries will be shipped to Ukraine. The Financial Times reports on the decision to be announced by the Joe Biden administration. The newspaper reminds that the American leader emphasized during the G7 summit that the priority is to meet the needs of Ukraine, which is fighting Russian aggression.

Citing three people with knowledge of this decision, the newspaper reported that it would be announced on Thursday. The authors remind us that the president Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 summit last week, he said he had secured supplies of additional Patriot air defense systems for Ukraine. The authorities in Kiev appealed for their transfer due to the fact that Russia intensified missile and drone attacks, among others on Ukrainian power plants.

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Biden said five countries have agreed to send Patriot and other air defense systems to Ukraine, and other countries waiting for deliveries of U.S. systems will have to wait because “everything we have will go to Ukraine until its needs are met.”

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Other countries will have to wait

As two of the cited sources told the FT, Thursday's announcement by the Biden administration will fulfill his commitment to Kiev and Ukraine will quickly receive the Patriot systems it needs to protect its cities and critical infrastructure. “FT” informs that Poland, Romania and Germany are among the European countries that have placed orders for Patriot systems. Spain The coalition also has an open order for Patriot launchers NATO countries in January, it placed an order for 1,000 Patriot missiles.

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Spain, Greece and Romania have Patriots in their arsenals, but have so far refused to agree to the transfer of the launchers to Ukraine. Poland explains that its Patriots protect infrastructure used to transport Western weapons to Ukraine and are therefore already deployed to protect Ukraine. Italy announced in June that they would send Kiev a second SAMP/T air defense system, a European alternative to Patriot.

There are at least four Patriot systems in Ukraine

“FT” writes that Patriot systems are the most advanced air defense weapon in the American arsenal. They consist of a radar system and mobile launchers that can fire interceptors at incoming missiles or aircraft.

Soldiers of Ukrainian forces in positions in the Donetsk OblastReuters

Ukraine currently has at least four Patriot systems, provided by the US and Germany. Since the president this spring Volodymyr Zelensky called for additional supplies, Germany announced it would send an additional battery, and the Netherlands announced an initiative to send another one based on components provided by many countries. Last week, Biden approved the deployment of another Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

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