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Financing the election campaign of Michał Dworczyk. Subsequent e-mails come to light

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Who financed the election campaign of Minister Michał Dworczyk? Another e-mail from the minister’s private mailbox came to light, and in it who and how much paid for the campaign. Only that this e-mail is not only about the amounts, the contributors are interesting, because they are people associated with PiS and placed in managerial positions in state-owned companies. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A good campaign has to cost, but does not necessarily have to be paid for by the candidate himself. – If you want to get information about my campaign in the Polish Military Contingent, it is available to everyone. You can verify them – the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Michał Dworczyk, tells the TVN24 journalist.


For several days, there is also an e-mail available for everyone, which is to come from the minister’s private mailbox – with information about who and how much contributed to his campaign. We have positively verified the data contained therein with those available at the Polish Military Contingent.

Dworczyk’s donors are persons sitting on the boards of State Treasury companies

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During this campaign, Michał Dworczyk, as reported by Oko.press, collected almost PLN 100,000, most of which was paid by nine people disclosed in the e-mails. More than half of them are current or former party members, and all of them sit in managerial positions in institutions, companies of the State Treasury or local government companies – more or less directly controlled by PiS.

Dr. Jan Misiuna from the Department of Political Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics analyzes why “all those who hold positions in this region” feel obliged to make these contributions. – Maybe they appreciate the minister, but suddenly in such a short time so large amounts come? – wonders.

In a coincidence between voluntary contributions and government posts, the party financing expert doubts. – There is no coincidence here – says Dr. Jan Misiuna.

Minister Michał DworczykMaciej Kulczyński / PAP

Andrzej Kensbok was the most generous for the minister. Before paying PLN 30,000 to the PiS campaign, he was the vice president of the government-controlled Industrial Development Agency. After the elections for a year, he became the head of the Polish Armaments Group. At that time, he also headed the supervisory board of PKP. Today he is also the vice-president of KGHM, one of the largest Polish companies of the State Treasury.

When asked about the payments, Minister Michał Dworczyk replies: “I do not refer to this content. I am sorry that you are part of the activities inspired by the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Relationship between financing of the election committee and positions

The money was paid not only by businessmen in nationwide companies, but also by Michał Dworczyk’s former associates and candidates for PiS councilors, who at that time made careers locally – in local government companies from the region in which the minister ran.

Here, however, an important caveat. “I have never broken any campaign rules,” explains the minister and experts agree with him. – This type of support for political groups has been practiced for years. Our law allows it – admits dr hab. Grzegorz Makowski from the Foundation. Stefan Batory.

Experts also add that it is not only about Michał Dworczyk. They see a similar relationship between the financing of the ruling party’s election committee and positions influenced by the ruling party in the case of entire recent Law and Justice campaigns.

– It is a kind of transaction, tolerated by law, and in history it happened that political parties even tried to regulate it – points out Dr. Grzegorz Makowski. – If someone bury their memory, they may recall the famous history of promissory notes in Samoobrona or the resolution of the PSL in 2013, which established a certain price list – he adds.

A special ministry watches over state-owned companies, the head of which, when the opposition wanted to dismiss him, said: “We managed to make state-owned companies serve citizens, not a narrow group of managers who mainly earned millions in companies, and the society did not have no benefit from that. “

Dworczyk’s donors declined to comment

– What Law and Justice is doing here is raising the financial thresholds. Much more of this money flows from people associated with the party to this party during election campaigns – emphasizes Dr. Jan Misiuna.

The journalists approached each of the nine donors, Michał Dworczyk, with a request for an interview and explanation of the potential connections between the contributions and the positions. Neither wanted to meet in front of the camera.

She denied any connections by e-mail and emphasized her competences only Anna Lutek, former Warsaw PiS councilor, today director of the energy company Enea. During the last campaign, in addition to the payment, she herself encouraged people to watch Michał Dworczyk’s spot on social media.

Main photo source: Maciej Kulczyński / PAP

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