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Finland. A water tornado swirled off the coast of Finland

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Several water trunks have formed off the southwest coast of Finland. The coastguard members observed the whirling columns. See how amazing they looked in the video.

Water trunks formed on Monday, July 11, over the waters between the municipalities of Kustavi and Pyhämaa, off the southwest coast of Finland. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, for such a phenomenon to occur, the wind must be blowing at a speed of at least 64.8 kilometers per hour.

As the coast guard Merivartiosto – LSMV wrote on Twitter, a total of seven water trunks were sighted that day.

How is a water tornado formed?

A water tornado is created when cooler air masses move over a relatively warm water reservoir. The large temperature difference causes the air to heat up and rise, which may result in the formation of cumulonimbus clouds. A vertical, cloud-connected, funnel-shaped vortex then forms above the water’s surface.

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This phenomenon is characterized by a much weaker force than a whirlwind. The water tornado is largely transparent and can initially only be noticed by the traces it leaves on the surface of the water. These phenomena are not uncommon. Most of them disintegrate upon reaching land.

A water tornado swirled off the coast of FinlandENEX, T witter / jeffreybbq

Main photo source: ENEX, Merivartiosto – LSMV

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