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Finland. Balticconnector gas pipeline damaged. Finnish minister: deliberate action

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In the opinion of the Finnish Minister for European Affairs and State Assets, Anders Adlercreutz, there was no accident in the destruction of the Balticconnector underwater gas pipeline. – Everything points to deliberate action – he said.

In an interview published on Friday (December 1) by the Brussels website Politico, the minister admitted that, in his opinion, “everything points to deliberate action.”

Anders Adlercreutz emphasized that he could not speculate whether the ship’s captain’s action was approved by the Chinese government. However, in his opinion, the ship’s return is imminent China raises some questions. – If I did something as a captain that the Chinese government would not approve of, I would be afraid of returning my ship to China, he said.

Similar position of Estonia

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Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur also expressed a similar opinion last month in an interview with the Swedish public broadcaster. He stated that “if the anchor is dragged for 185 km, it is hard to believe that it is just an accident.” “The captain realized that something was wrong, so the question we need to answer is whether it was intentional,” Pevkur said.

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At the beginning of October, a failure of the Balticconnector gas pipeline and telecommunications cables connecting EstoniaFinland and Sweden. The damage was determined to have been caused by the anchor, as indicated by a drag mark found on the bottom of the Bay during investigations.

It turned out that the Chinese container ship NewNew Polar Bear, registered under the Hong Kong flag, whose route coincided with both the date and the location of the gas pipeline damage, was missing an anchor. The anchor, weighing 6 tons, was found near the site of the gas pipeline damage, the portal recalled.

Adlercreutz admitted that infrastructure such as the damaged gas pipeline should be better protected – for example, suspicious entities should be monitored more closely.

Main photo source: poliisi.fi

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