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Finland closes sea border crossings with Russia. The reason is migrants

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On Monday, three crossings in the Baltic Sea were closed to recreational boats Gulf of Finland: w Haapasaari, Saantio and in the port Nujamaland, where only freight traffic will be allowed if necessary. The government in Helsinki does not want the Gulf of Finland to become “new Mediterranean”, through which immigrants enter the European Union.

In turn, the commands of the Border Guard and Coast Guard add that possible accidents involving people would burden the emergency services. “If the instrumental use of migration extended from the land border to sea routes, it would be a threat to… national security and public order Finland” – explains the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Finland closes maritime border crossings. He is afraid of Russia's moves

The decision to close water traffic crossings is valid “until further notice”. – We had no signs that the situation on the eastern border had changed. As spring arrives, opportunities to make an impact increase. On the Russian side, near the border with Finland, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who may be instrumentally exploited, said the Minister of Internal Affairs. Mari Rantanen.

All land border crossings, which began to be closed late last year, will also remain closed.

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Since the beginning of this year, it has crossed the land border into Finland illegally, according to the border services several dozen asylum seekers. Since the autumn, since the mass influx of migrants from beyond the eastern border began, approx 1,300 people. They were mainly young men aged 20-30, but also women and children, mainly from the Middle East and Africa.

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