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Finland in NATO. Brigadier General, Doctor Jarosław Kraszewski on the importance of NATO enlargement and Russia’s reaction

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At the moment, the entire Alliance stands behind Finland, whatever happens in this direction – this is how Brigadier General Doctor Jarosław Kraszewski said on TVN24 about Finland’s accession to NATO. “This is a complete failure of the Kremlin’s policy,” he stressed.

Finland has today become the 31st member state of the North Atlantic Alliance. The importance of this country’s accession to NATO was discussed on TVN24 by Brigadier General Dr. Jarosław Kraszewski, former head of the Department of Sustainability over the Armed Forces in the National Security Bureau. – This is a significant strengthening of the northern flank, practically impossible Russia making any maneuvers from the Finnish direction, harassing Finland and the Finns – he commented.

– At the moment, the whole Alliance will support Finland, whatever happens in this direction. This is the most important part that we are here as a united Europe, allied countries and European Union countries he noted.

Kraszewski assessed that Finland’s membership in NATO was a “complete failure of the Kremlin’s policy.” – Because no one expected it, no one predicted that Finland would join NATO (to NATO) so quickly, and in a moment, I hope, it will join Swedenafter giving consent by Turkeyand in the wake of it Hungary he said.

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>> The Kremlin reacts to Finland’s entry into NATO

The flag of Finland is about to fly from this flagpole at the Alliance’s headquarters in BrusselsPAP/EPA/OLIVIER MATTHYS

– They certainly perceive it as another approximation of allied structures, and above all groupings of troops, because that is how the Kremlin propaganda will probably perceive it and pass it on to their nation that NATO is significantly approaching the border and the longest stretch of European countries has just been taken over by NATO and is this is the Finnish-Russian border, he noted.

As he added, “such a message has nothing to do with reality, because the Finns, before joining NATO, were strongly determined to defend their territory.”

– When I was (there) two years ago, I know, based on official data, that 90 percent of Finnish society declares readiness to give their lives to defend the borders and territory of their country. So it is a powerful force, a powerful morale, which certainly cannot be underestimated by the Russian Federation – he concluded.

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