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Finland in NATO. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo on NATO bases and “instability” coming from Russia

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Prime Minister Petteri Orpo stated that “it is unlikely that NATO bases will be located on Finnish territory, because no such bases have been established anywhere in recent years.” – We are open, for example, to NATO command structures or centers of competence – he said.

Finland in NATO is being built carefully, step by step – admitted Orpo, who on Sunday was for the first time – since he took office at the end of June the head of the council of ministers – a guest of public radio Yle.

He emphasized that each presence FOR THIS in the country “strengthens security”, but what kind of troops will be able to operate in Finland remains to be seen. Orpo confirmed that formal solutions are currently being prepared to enable the presence of American soldiers in Finland (bilateral defense cooperation agreement with the US, DCA – Defense Cooperation Agreement).

Main task: self-defence

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The head of the centre-right government also recalled that the main task of Finland in NATO, which officially joined the Alliance in April, is “self-defense”, a strategic territory stretching between Russian Murmansk and St. Petersburg.

According to Orpo, reservists, who are the backbone of the Finnish army, could also be used in NATO missions, but this requires proper preparation (in Finland, which has a population of 5.5 million, the armed forces have 280,000 soldiers during the war, and about 900,000 remain in reserve). people).

The Prime Minister was also asked about possible threats to Finland related to Russia’s rule war in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, nothing but instability can be expected from our belligerent neighbor in the coming times,” Orpo said, emphasizing that the situation in Russia is no longer under the president’s control. Vladimir Putin as before. He pointed out that in Russia itself various military forces are fighting, and the real threat is the unclear status of the mercenary Wagner Group.

“Finland must be prepared for various developments in Russia following an internal power struggle,” the prime minister said. Orpo is the leader of the liberal-conservative National Coalition (KOK), which won the April elections elections parliamentary.


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