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Finland. MP Timo Vornanen suspected of firing a gun outside a restaurant thrown out of the parliamentary club

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A member of parliament from the government's national-conservative Finns party, suspected of firing a firearm in the street in front of a restaurant in Helsinki, was expelled from the parliamentary club. The decision to exclude Timo Vornanen was unanimous, the party authorities announced on Thursday.

55-year-old Timo Vornanen is suspected of threatening two people with a gun and firing a shot into the ground, the Finnish Press Agency reported. The incident took place last week on Friday morning in the center of Helsinki. The investigation into this case is being conducted by the police, who have not yet confirmed the identity of the suspect in official statements.

– We are in no way able to justify his action – said club chairman Jani Makela. – It would be surprising if I still trusted a man who, while under the influence, carries a gun in a public place and shoots it, added the leader of the Finns party, Deputy Prime Minister Riikka Purra.

– The rank-and-file MP committed stupid behavior, but this does not mean that he ruined our party's efforts to improve security, said the head of the Interior Ministry, Mari Rantanen. – It's hard to understand, especially since he is a policeman – admitted Speaker of Parliament Jussi Halla-aho.

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Timo Vornanenpress materials

Argument in front of the restaurant

Vornanen, a policeman by profession, won a seat in the Eduskunta in the 2023 elections. The media, citing police sources, determined that there was an argument in the restaurant.

The politician used a licensed private weapon, the so-called a CZ 92 pocket pistol, caliber 6.35. Investigators conducted a search of the suspect's home and confiscated the weapon.

The initial investigation into the case is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The MP is on sick leave.

Main photo source: mat. press releases

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