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Finland. Mysterious smell in Helsinki. The media points to the east

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The Finnish police and other services, including meteorological and radiological safety, as well as the border guard, which investigated the case in the waters of the Gulf of Finland, were involved in explaining the causes of the phenomenon. The neighboring authorities were also contacted Estonia.

The first reports to the emergency center were received between 14-15 (13-14 Polish time).

Finland. Mysterious smell near Helsinki

The source of the strange smell has not been located yetbut according to current data it does not pose a health threat – the Helsinki emergency service reported early in the evening, emphasizing that no increased radiation was detected.

If there is a particularly intense odor in some place and causes breathing difficulties, residents were advised to close their windows. Moreover, as reported by the Helsingin Sanomat website, the rescue services instructed people to see a doctor if they experience symptoms caused by an unidentified odor. So far, there have been no reports of such problems in the emergency room.

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Indeterminate stench. A similar problem was faced in St. Petersburg

“Blow from the East” – reported the MTV news service. It was noted that, according to the Russian media, residents of St. Petersburg had been complaining about a similar stench for several days, and that the southern Finland on Sunday the wind was blowing from that direction.

At the same time – it was emphasized – it excludes earlier media assumptions that the smell may be related, for example, to a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

By the afternoon, the strong smell had already subsided in many places. According to the services, the stench felt is not related to the previous report of an accident with a dangerous substance or to the local refinery.

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