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Fire at the landfill in Przylepa. Summary of service activities

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The services summarized the activities after the fire of the landfill in Zielona Góra Przylep. The Mayor of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, said that although the area was contaminated, the standards were not exceeded so as to pose a threat to life and health. The voivodeship environmental protection inspector emphasized that the air quality was checked on an ongoing basis, and it was necessary to wait a few more days for samples taken from water and soil. Several fire engines are still at the scene.

From Saturday to Sunday evening, several hundred firefighters fought the fire in the hall in Przylep, where dangerous chemicals were stored.

At the Monday conference after the crisis headquarters, the activities of the services were summarized.

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Mayor of Zielona Góra: what happened is a catastrophe

The Mayor of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, said that although the area was contaminated, the standards were not exceeded so as to pose a threat to life and health. He assured that evacuation could be carried out at any time, but there was no need. – We decided to prepare an evacuation option for residents, buses were available, facilities were waiting. We were doing air tests at the time. It turned out that the standards do not threaten health and life – this is how the president of Zielona Góra reported on the activities in connection with the crisis situation related to the fire in the hall in Przylepa. That doesn’t mean there was no contamination. We know very well that it happened. But the standards that would require the evacuation to start have not been exceeded, the local government official emphasized. He added: “What happened is a disaster.

The Mayor of Zielona Góra on reclamation of the landfillTVN24

Kubicki explained that the plant in Przylepa is fortunately not connected to the municipal rainwater and sanitary sewage systems. “If water got into it, it could be dangerous,” he admitted. According to his report, wastewater from the plant area is pumped out, tested and transported. – The rainwater drainage system was discharged to external tanks, where the water is contaminated – said the president. One of these reservoirs – according to his account – was illegally connected to the watercourse, but was immediately disconnected by the services. – This contaminated water will be transported to a hazardous waste landfill – said Kubicki. He added that the soil was probably contaminated, it will be examined, like the nearby water intakes, by the sanepid.

Kubicki was also asked about what to do with the landfill. He noted that the process of utilizing this place “was to be started”. Now, however, it will not be about utilization, but rather – as he pointed out – reclamation. – This process will now require a slightly different approach – stated the mayor of Zielona Góra.

The local government official also announced that all documents related to the landfill case will be presented. – We will show all the documents, we will not run away from this, from responsibility – he stressed.

VIEP is waiting for the results of water and soil tests

The results of water and soil tests will be available later this week, because this is a laboratory procedure. On the other hand, air quality measurements are carried out on an ongoing basis with the help of an automatic station – said the Lubuskie Voivodship Environmental Protection Inspector Mirosław Ganecki on Monday.

He noted that the area that was contaminated – he was referring to the land near the burnt landfill – will have to undergo remediation (actions aimed at removing or reducing the amount of pollution of the earth’s surface). – For today, the focus should be on clearing the area. This is not our task, but we will also pilot this case – he added.

As he emphasized, during the fire, the services carried out continuous measurement and collection of air samples “at several points selected along the route of the smoke cloud”.

Lubuski Voivodship Inspector of Environmental Protection about the measurements

Lubuski Voivodship Inspector of Environmental Protection about the measurementsTVN24

The governor summarizes the activities of the services

The Lubuskie Voivode assured that the actions were taken on Saturday, just after receiving information about the fire before 4 pm. The Mayor of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, then called a meeting of the municipal staff in Zielona Góra. The voivode, on the other hand, convened a meeting of the voivodeship crisis management staff, during which the situation was analyzed with all services.

– I also applied to the Minister of National Defense to support these activities through soldiers of the territorial defense forces, through the central forces for chemical research of the Polish army, very professional with excellent equipment. These chemical tests were the most significant and important for us – said Władysław Dajczak.

Fire in PrzylepaTVN24

He noted that from the very beginning the research was also carried out by the State Fire Service, supported by units from neighboring voivodships. They were also conducted by the Voivodeship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. – These results were the most important for us, because they indicated whether there was a threat to the health and life of residents – said the voivode.

The Lubuskie Voivode after the landfill fire

The Lubuskie Voivode after the landfill fire TVN24

He also assured that the mayor of Zielona Góra had taken action to prepare forces and resources as well as places for the possible evacuation of residents, if these studies showed that such a need existed. He added that there were places for 2.5 thousand. people.

The Lubuskie Voivode also thanked everyone who took part in ensuring that the case of a dangerous fire ended as soon as possible and safely for the residents

Landfill fireContact 24/David

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Firefighters still on site

During the Monday press conference, the head of the Lubuskie SFS announced that on Sunday around At 8:20 p.m., firefighters finished putting out the fire in the warehouse in Przylepa. He also assured that firefighters are on the spot and securing the area. – Firefighters in the strength of three hosts are still at the scene – said the superbrig. Patrick Maruszak. He noted that it is still being verified whether the area is safe. – We focus on ensuring that representatives of companies neighboring this facility can return to their work as soon as possible (…) We conduct monitoring at the zero level, but also on the roofs of these facilities – said the head of the State Fire Service in Lubuskie.

The fire brigade about the action in Zielona Góra

The fire brigade about the action in Zielona GóraTVN24

He added that when it will be possible for these entrepreneurs to return to their works, the secured area will be handed over to the owner and it will be possible to deal with reclamation, etc. – There is an owner of the area. We keep in contact with this person – said Maruszak. He also pointed out that at the moment, because the area is concreted, wherever there is information that there may be a leak of contaminated fire water, the services react immediately. – We act in this way to bind and neutralize these substances – emphasized the head of the Lubuskie State Fire Service.

He also added that “the inhabitants of Przylep can feel safe, they can use outdoor areas, in our research we do not confirm dangerous substances in the air.”

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Prosecutor’s proceedings

On Monday morning, Ewa Antonowicz, the spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra, told PAP that “inspection proceedings are being conducted in the case of the fire, almost from the moment of the first information (about the event), the materials are secured”.

– Due to the fact that there is a threat to the life and health of the prosecutor who would conduct the inspection, activities have not yet been carried out there – said Antonowicz.

She added that most likely on Monday afternoon decisions would be made on whether to admit investigators to the place of the fire.

– Initially, in the afternoon, perhaps, the investigative team will be allowed to this place – she emphasized.

Main photo source: TVN24

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