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Fire in Przylepa. The voivode, the minister and the deputy minister assured about safety for health. In the picture indoors, they are seen wearing masks

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After the fire in the hall with dangerous chemicals in Zielona Góra, questions arise about its consequences for the inhabitants and the environment. They also multiply after the publication of a photo showing the voivode, the climate minister and the deputy minister in masks with a filter, indoors. On Monday, the governor reiterated that there was no threat to the residents. “Only one person felt unwell and was hospitalized but released after two hours,” he said.

From Saturday to Sunday evening, about 200 firefighters fought the fire in the hall in Przylep, where dangerous chemicals were stored.

On Sunday, after the meeting of the crisis staff, the Lubuskie Voivode, Władysław Dajczak, announced that the health and lives of the inhabitants are not at risk.

Also, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, MP of Sovereign Poland, Jacek Dekora, argued that both air measurements and other elements related to the operation of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and the State Fire Service did not indicate any threat to the life and health of residents. The Minister of Climate and Environment also spoke about the lack of threat to the health and life of the inhabitants Anna Moscow.

The results obtained at Zielona Góra stations yesterday and today do not indicate exceeding the normative values. The measured values ​​do not differ from the values ​​obtained before the fire in Przylepa.

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On Sunday at 10.30, Władysław Dajczak published a photo in which he is seen together with Deputy Minister Dekora, Minister Moscow and firefighters. Although the photo was taken indoors, both the governor, the minister and the deputy minister are wearing masks with a filter.

Arłukowicz: It evokes emotions

He referred to this case in the Sunday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 member of the Civic Platformformer Minister of Health Bartosz Arłukowicz.

– According to the information obtained by (KO senator) Krzysztof Brejza, if only in the last two or three years of poisoning fires, threatening people’s health and life, 750 fires broke out in Poland. This must evoke emotions. If we have information that Poland is becoming Europe’s garbage dump, because the import of waste to Poland increases from 150,000 tons to nearly 450,000 tons (annually), which gives a total of two million tons over the last few years, it must arouse great emotions – he said.

– After all, when you don’t see the reaction of the government who should help people, and they try to obscure the results of the air quality test in Zielona Góra, or they themselves wear masks and say that there is no threat, it raises emotions – he noted.

Arłukowicz: when you do not see the reaction of the government who should help people, and they themselves are wearing masks and say that there is no threat, it raises emotionsTVN24

Voivod: only one case of a person who felt bad

The voivode admitted at the Monday’s conference at noon that “the greatest joy for us was that during this extremely difficult, complicated action, none of the participants in this action, i.e. firefighters, suffered any damage (health)”. “Nothing happened that would have been an accident in extinguishing this fire,” he said.

Dajczak said that “there is only one case of a person who stayed on plots near the site of this event”. – She felt bad, she was hospitalized, but after two hours she was released from the hospital, so no one from the residents suffered because of it – he assured.

– As we have been repeating for two days that these tests, conducted continuously, tell us that there is no threat to the residents, it all worked out, and let me remind you that these tests were conducted by really outstanding specialists with excellent equipment – he said.

Dajczak: research conducted on a continuous basis tells us that there is no threat to the inhabitants

Dajczak: research conducted on a continuous basis tells us that there is no threat to the inhabitantsTVN24

Main photo source: twitter.com/DajczakW

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