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“Firefighter on the Trail” campaign. Firefighters with equipment climb Śnieżka to promote bone marrow donation

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Conquering the summit of Śnieżka is no small feat, but doing it while wearing full firefighter gear is quite a feat. “Firefighter on the Trail” is an idea to support bone marrow collection. Firefighters climb the summit in groups of 100 people. The aim is not only to raise funds for the DKMS Foundation, but also to increase social awareness.

Combat equipment, and a noble cause. Helmets on their heads, and oxygen tanks on their backs. Such full gear protects during firefighting operations, but it certainly does not make climbing mountains easier.

– It was hard, but we're doing fine – admits one of the firefighters taking part in the action. – We're not as strong, but we're closer than we are further – adds another. – We also want to show, by going in uniforms and with cylinders, that many weaknesses can be overcome – says yet another firefighter.

This is all part of the “Firefighter on the Trail” campaign, which aims to promote bone marrow donation. In this year's edition, professional firefighters and volunteers are climbing Śnieżka.

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– The initiator of this campaign is a man who four years ago gave someone a chance at life, and today he has infected almost a thousand firefighters from all over Poland with this idea – says Magdalena Przysłupska from the DKMS Foundation.

“Maybe we should promote this idea of ​​donation?”

To save someone's life, you don't have to jump into the fire. You just have to register in the database as a potential bone marrow donor. Just like Mr. Artur did a few years ago.

– I reported to DKMS while conquering Giewont last year and then everything happened very quickly – says Artur Ciochoń, a firefighter from the Łączki Kucharskie Volunteer Fire Department.

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Mr. Sławomir – the initiator of the “Firefighter on the Trail” campaign – did not have any doubts when donating his marrow.

– I donated life to a stranger, my genetic twin, and I came up with this idea: maybe we should try to promote this idea of ​​donation somewhere? – says firefighter Sławomir Kowalczyk, initiator of the “Firefighter on the Trail” campaign.

The human genotype has over five billion combinations, finding those two genetic twins is a real challenge. The more people in the database, the better.

Who can become a donor?

– Last year Zakopane-Giewont, this year Śnieżka. It so happens that I have a son with leukemia, for me it is very important – admits Krzysztof Buszta, a firefighter from the Biedaczów Volunteer Fire Department.

Any person between the ages of 18 and 55 can become a donor. – Whoever makes a conscious decision to register. It is important that they are in generally good health and live in Poland – informs Magdalena Przysłupska.

– Our idea, which we carry “Glory to God, Rescue Your Neighbor”, and promoting the idea of ​​stem cell donation, one could say that they are connected – says Sławomir Kowalczyk.

Throughout the weekend – both on Śnieżka and on the promenade in Karpacz – you can find DKMS foundation tents. Every potential bone marrow donor can register there. – If we can help, why shouldn't we? – asks one of the firefighters taking part in the action.

Main image source: TVN24

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