Firefighter Struck by Lightning, Missing Persons, Evacuations. Storms in Poland


Storms are passing over Poland. Near the Pomeranian town of Głodów, a firefighter was struck by lightning, while near Starogard Gdański, a car was crushed by a broken tree. Over 1,000 people were evacuated from several scout camps due to the storms. A search is underway in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province for a person who fell from a SUP board into a lake after the weather broke. A person who was riding a water bike in the Kartuzy district is also missing.

By 7 p.m. on Wednesday, firefighters had responded to 1,623 incidents related to the storm front passing through Poland, the State Fire Service reported on Wednesday evening on platform “X”. The firefighters reported that the largest number of calls was recorded in the Wielkopolska province, where there were 489 by 7 p.m., in the West Pomeranian province – 352, in the Pomeranian province – 244, and in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province – 221. This was not the end of their operations, as the storm front was moving further east.

A tree fell on a man in Olsztyn

As reported by the spokesman of the fire brigade in Warmia and Masuria Junior Brig. Grzegorz Różański, on Plażowa Street on Lake Skanda in Olsztyn A tree fell on a 25-year-old man. He was pulled out by passers-by; he is conscious and under the care of paramedics.

In Siemiany on Lake Jeziorak in Iława County, 445 children and 50 camp staff members were evacuated to a safe place.

According to the services of the Warmian-Masurian Voivode, storms were the cause of power outages. 26.3 thousand customers remain without power. Most of them are in the Braniewo and Elblag – about 25 thousand and Miłakowo and Morąg – about 1.3 thousand. There are also outages in the vicinity Gizycko. They are removed as soon as possible.

Interventions in Greater Poland

Around 570 reports regarding the effects of storms passing over the entire region were received on Wednesday by the Wielkopolska firefighters. The largest number of interventions was recorded in the area Horsefleshin the east of the province. Firefighters have no information that anyone was injured due to the storms. The officer on duty noted that most of the calls required minor interventions and concerned broken trees or parts of roofs torn off by the storm.

Person under water

In Zalesie near Chełmża (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship), a search is underway for a person who fell into a lake on Wednesday evening after a sudden weather breakdown – informed the officer on duty at the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Toruń. This person was floating on a SUP board. Three fire brigades are taking part in the search on Lake Chełmżyńskie, and a water-diving rescue group and a sonar group are on their way to the scene.

In Zalesie, a search is underway for a person who fell into a lake after a sudden weather breakdown TVN24

Flooded buildings in Lower Silesia

The spokesman for the Lower Silesian Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service, asp. Wojciech Walens, reported that by Wednesday evening, 230 fire brigade interventions had been recorded related to the passage of the storm front. They mainly concerned flooded properties and broken branches.

A downpour lasting about 15 minutes swept through the Kamienna Góra district. As a result of the heavy rainfall, two houses were flooded. It also flooded a local furniture company and a house and yard located there.

Heavy rain in Kamienna Góra district flooded a furniture company

Heavy rain in Kamienna Góra district flooded a furniture company TVN24

In addition, at around 3 p.m., participants of the scout camp in the village of Sobin in Polkowice County were evacuated as a precaution. They were taken to a local community center.

It's dangerous in Pomerania

The spokesman for the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk, Capt. Jakub Friedenberger, informed on Wednesday that due to weather conditions – storms and rainfall, firefighters had intervened over 200 times by 7 p.m. The largest number of incidents occurred in the Starogard district – 68, in Pruszcz Gdański – 30, while in Kościerzyna and Chojnice over 20 each. In Gdańsk, firefighters intervened 18 times, in the Tczew district – 19 times.

In Głodowo (Kościerzyna district), a firefighter from the Głodowo Volunteer Fire Department was struck by lightning while removing a windfall. The man was conscious, and the Medical Rescue Team was working on site and provided assistance to the injured man. The firefighter's life is not in danger.

On the Skarszewy road – Starogard Gdański the wind knocked a tree down onto a car. Witnesses reported that the bleeding driver got out of the vehicle on his own. Emergency services were called to the scene, but they had trouble getting there because of several fallen trees. The injured driver was taken care of by other drivers. The road is blocked.

In Tuchom (Kartuski district) on Lake Tuchomskie, the wind overturned two water bikes carrying 9 people. The firefighter added that 8 people got out of the water and onto the shore. One person is being sought.

Children taken over by rescuers in Gdynia

IN Gdyniain the Bay of Gdańsk before entering the port, rescuers helped eight people get to shore – children and a coach. According to the spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service (SAR), Rafał Goeck, five Optimists and a RIB (rigid bottom pontoon boat), which were sailing in the Bay of Gdańsk, were pushed towards Gdynia Oksywia due to the strong wind and could not manage to swim to the shore. He added that a boat with rescuers set off to the site. The children, who had previously been sailing on yachts, moved to the boat sailed by their coach before the rescuers arrived. After reaching the shore, the children were handed over to their parents.

A tree fell on a car on the Skarszewy – Starogard Gdański roadSkarszewy Info

A tree fell on a car on the Skarszewy – Starogard Gdański roadSkarszewy Info

Interventions in Western Pomerania

In the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, heavy rainfall and gusty winds caused damage, among others, in the city centre Bristles. The storm knocked down trees on al. Wojska Polskiego and Bohaterów Warszawy. Firefighters also worked on ul. Poniatowskiego, where broken branches blocked the roadway. Windfalls also damaged parked cars.

– We have 38 reports from the city, including four damaged vehicles – informed Capt. Bartosz Janicki, officer on duty at the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczecin. – There was also a broken network of traffic lights on Zwierzyniecka Street in Kijewo, a damaged roof of a single-family house in Dąbie, and the most recent report is damage to the port fire brigade building – added Janicki.

Scout camps were evacuated

Due to severe weather conditions, a total of 962 people were evacuated from six scout camps in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Voivodeships.

The spokesman for the Provincial Fire Department in Gdańsk reported that the scout camp from Lake Gałęzów (Słupsk district) was evacuated to the school in Niepoględzie. There were 133 people.

SKKP in Wejherowo received information about the evacuation of the ZHP Rumia scout camp from Potęgowo (Linia commune), a total of 176 people, to the school in Strzepcz by bus in agreement with UG Linia.

The scout camp from Lake Kałębie (Starogard district) evacuated to the school in Osiek – 69 people.

Scout camps from Peplin, Czernica, Brusy (Chojnice district) evacuated to community centers and schools – 424 people.

The Scout Camp in Golub (Kartuzy district) was evacuated to the school in Golub – 89 people.

61 scouts and their 10 guardians staying at a camp on Lake Niewlino in the Czaplinek commune were evacuated to the church in Ostroróg – firefighters from Drawsko Pomorskiego (West Pomeranian Voivodeship).

The reason for the above evacuations was a third-degree storm warning issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

Only volunteer firefighters from Czaplinek and the rescue and firefighting unit of the State Fire Service in Drawsko helped with the evacuation from Lake Niewlino. The scouts found shelter in the town of Ostroróg, in the local church and village community centre. – Some people went there on foot. It is about three kilometres from the camp to the village. The rest of the camp participants were transported in two OSP buses, our vehicle and a forester's car – explained Senior Captain Michał Bany, press officer of the district commander of the State Fire Service in Drawsko Pomorskie. He emphasised that the evacuation was very efficient. He called it a “preventive action”. He also informed that the storm front had already passed over the Drawsko district, the weather was improving. The decision to return to the forest camp will be made by the camp commander, after consultation with the officer of the State Fire Service who stayed with the evacuees.

A tree fell on a car in Szczecin.TVN24

Fallen trees in Szczecin

Fallen trees in Świnoujście TVN24

It's pouring in Szczecin

It's pouring in SzczecinTVN24

Not only Szczecin. A tree fell on the catenary

Strong winds felled trees. – A tree fell on the traction network on the section between Wysoka Kamieńska and Kamień Pomorski. Train traffic in this place has been suspended – informed Bartosz Pietrzykowski from PKP PLK. – A network train will be working there, which will remove the fallen tree and repair the traction network – noted Pietrzykowski. On this line, the carrier Polregio introduced replacement bus communication.

Weather breakdown in Western Pomerania in photos and recordings

Dark clouds and heavy rain in Świnoujście

Dark clouds and heavy rain in Świnoujście Sławomir Ryfczyński /

Rain and strong wind already in Świnoujście

Rain and strong wind already in ŚwinoujścieRafal/Contact 24

In the town of Mosty (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) hailstones several centimetres in diameter fell.

Hail fell in the town of Mosty in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Patrick Lechowicz

Hail fell in the town of Mosty in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Patrick Lechowicz

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