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Fires in Argentina. Cordoba: they fled the fire, left a dog named Kaiser

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Massive fires plague the Argentine province of Cordoba. At least three people have died so far. The recordings show raging flames and people running away from the element. But one of the messages caused a particular stir and numerous comments. It is a video showing a family leaving the endangered area, saying goodbye to the dog who stayed there. The woman in the film is crying, but her tears have not convinced the Internet users. They asked why she didn’t take the pet with her. Silvana Allende tried to explain her decision.

At least three people have died since flames began engulfing parts of Caminiaga and San Jose de la Dormida in the Argentinean province of Codoba over the weekend. Last Thursday, October 7, local media reported that firefighters had managed to contain some sparks of fire, although the wind made it difficult for them.

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The family ran away from the fire and left the dog behind

Among the numerous recordings of the fire, there was also the one that shows the family leaving the place threatened by the fire. A sobbing woman in a white car says goodbye to a big black dog. She squeezes him, then slams the door shut in his face. The recording shows and you can hear a firefighter comforting the woman, telling her not to worry because the dog will “survive, run away”.

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At the end, the car drives away and the animal stays in the middle of the road. This was during the local government-ordered evacuation of people from Caminiaga in the Cerro Colorado district.

Internet user comments: if they really love their dog, they would take it

The film, recorded with the camera of the local Telefe Córdoba television and broadcast by this station, touched the audience. There were many comments on the Internet, mostly condemning the family’s decision. Many people declared that they could not imagine the reason why people left alone to save themselves from a fire and leave the dog, risking his life.

“There is no reason to abandon the dog. If you consider him a family member, you let him get in the car and voila”; “It’s called having no heart because if they really love their dog, they would take him”; “It’s terrible what they did”, “It costs nothing to take a dog even in the trunk, a pet should never be abandoned.”

Argentina is struggling with firesMAURO CALDERON / Reuters

The owner of the dog explains herself

After a wave of criticism, and even hate, the dog’s owner, Silvana Allende, took the floor. First of all, she assured that Kaiser – because that is the dog’s name – was alive and well. She added that she has more animals on the farm, including several dogs and horses. They all stayed in place. “The fire didn’t reach the house, the house wasn’t damaged,” she said on local TV.

She argued that she is very attached to her pets. “They’re always behind me, I love them,” she continued. She explained that they were ordered by firefighters to leave quickly, assuring them that it was a “preventive evacuation” and that the house was not in danger.

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Main photo source: ENEX

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