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Fires in Canada. “This is how you start fires”? No, that’s how they turn off. We explain

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Contrary to the messages spread on the Internet, the cause of fires in Canada is not intentional arson. We explain

Twitter, Facebook and TikTok users are circulating videos claiming that arson is the cause of mass forest fires in Canada. In a 23-second Twitter post video you can see a helicopter flying over the forest. From a tank suspended below it, a burning liquid is poured, which falls on the trees. The next shots show burning tracts of forest, over which thick smoke rises. “Unbelievable! Is this the real cause of the huge fires in Canada!? #DeepState” – reads the comment of the Internet user. “This is how fires are started” – this is a comment from an Internet user to another similar one recordingscopied to Twitter from TikTok (original spelling of all posts).

Internet users argue that forest fires are the result of arsonTwitter/Tik Tok

Evidence for the alleged arson is also reported on fires that start at the same time in different places. The authors of such entries show a video with satellite photos published by the meteorology department of the American College of DuPage. The video shows smoke appearing in various places in the south-eastern part of the Canadian province of Quebec. The film’s English-speaking narrator points out that the smoke sources appear suddenly in a short space of time. “These fires are a deliberate act. They do it and the pelicans swallow the climate is warming. People set fires and Greta is happy!” – he commented one of the Twitter users.

As we have verified, both of these messages provide no evidence of any malevolent intentions or conspiracy behind the fires in Canada.

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This is one of the firefighting techniques

There are 426 active fires across Canada, reported the French daily Ouest France on Sunday, June 11. According to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center (CIFFC), there have already been 2,372 fires this year, which have consumed 4.3 million hectares (or 43,000 square kilometers, the area of ​​Denmark). It is also about 15 times more than the annual average over the last decade. Fires are on the rise again, and Quebec authorities warn that they could last all summer.

While wildfires are common in Canada, it is unusual that they are currently occurring in the east and west of the country simultaneously, limiting firefighting capabilities and fueling fears about the consequences of climate change. The recordings circulated by Internet users are not proof that the fires are caused by arson. In the first of the discussed videos you can see the source: BC Wildfire Service and the name of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The BC Wildfire Service is a regional government agency that fights wildfires. On her profile on YouTube you can find recordings of current firefighting operations.

Still from a recording published by the BC Wildfire ServiceYouTube

On movie published on June 5 shows a firefighting technique consisting in burning a fragment of the area to which the fire is approaching. In this way, the fought fire will not move further. The so-called heli-torch, i.e. flamethrowers mounted under helicopters, are used for controlled firing. This is not the first time that a similar sensational message about allegedly specially caused fires is spread on the Internet. In July 2022 described in Konkret24 a video circulating on social media that was described as “helicopter arsonists”. It was supposed to be proof that forests are set on fire on purpose to make climate warming more credible.

No sinister plot, just a cold front

A video showing the rapid emergence of new fire sources on a map of southeastern Quebec is also not evidence of the alleged arson. Lead Stories website He asked This is Paul Sirvatka, professor of meteorology at the College of DuPage. The expert confirmed that the satellite images are real and indeed show the rapid initiation of several fires. He noted, however, that the fires did not occur at the same time, although in small intervals. “It’s been a very dry season because the jet stream has been behaving anomalously for the past month or two,” Prof. Sirvatek.

Lead Stories draws attention to the page NASA, which in early June reported many new fires that had broken out in eastern Quebec, some of which were started by lightning. Lightning as the cause of the fires was also reported by Kyle Hilburn from the American research institute Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere. In an email sent to Lead Stories, he confirmed that several fires may have started at once. “The likely explanation is the passage of a cold front, not some sinister plot,” Hilburn said. He explained that lightning bolts can start fires that smolder for days, but are not visible from the satellite. Such fires may intensify when strong winds accompany the passage of the front. “The timing of the cold front’s passage fits perfectly with the outbreak of the fire,” Hilburn told Lead Stories.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Konkret24, Tvn24.pl, PAP, Lead Stories

Main photo source: Twitter/Tik Tok

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