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Fires in Greece. Polish firefighters leave to help put out the fire

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Greece is struggling with fires that have consumed hundreds of hectares since the beginning of the week. Polish firefighters will help them fight the element – a briefing of a module specialized in extinguishing forest fires is currently underway in Krakow. As Krzysztof Hejduk, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the State Fire Service, explained on TVN24, the officers do not yet know where they will work.

It continues in Greece fighting fires that have taken over part of the country. On Wednesday, fires burned both on the mainland and on the island of Rhodes. Polish forces are to help the Greek firefighters to control the situation – the chief commander of the State Fire Service, Andrzej Bartkowiak, announced on Wednesday that a module of firefighters specializing in extinguishing forest fires will set off from Krakow to Greece.

“There are over 2,000 kilometers of road ahead of us. We will rise to the occasion for common security,” he wrote on social media.

“We send the best firefighters there”

Krzysztof Hejduk, Deputy Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, told TVN that Polish firefighters will go to the place indicated by the Greek authorities. Poles participated in a similar firefighting operation in Greece two years ago, so they know well what challenges they will have to face.

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– We send our best firefighters, with experience not only in Greece, but also in Turkey and France – he said. – We are professional, one of the best not only in Europe. Our extinguishing system is unique on a global scale.

As explained by Andrzej Bartkowiak, the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, two extinguishing modules will go to Greece. “We are taking the entire camp with us, which will be built in four hours. We have to provide ourselves with all the logistics, we take with us money, water, food for a few days, also fuel, so as not to be a nuisance to the authorities who are struggling with their problems.” he explained. As he added, firefighters will most likely reach Greece within two days, and if the situation does not change in Greece, they will stay for about two weeks.

– Today we can’t say exactly where we’re going. It will be decided by the Greeks, and it depends, among other things, on from where the most difficult situation will be. I suspect that we will be directed to the most difficult and complicated place – said Bartkowiak.

Fire in the Lutraki regionPAP/EPA/VASILIS PSOMAS

Main photo source: Twitter@ABartkowiak_PSP

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