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Fires in Turkey and Greece. Polish firefighters are going to the place, they will help in the fight against fire

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Turkey is struggling with fires, Poland will support this country in this fight. The first group of Polish firefighters from the operational support team crossed the Turkish border and went to their destination escorted by the police, said Grzegorz Trzeciak from the press team of the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service on TVN24.

As Grzegorz Trzeciak said, the information obtained from firefighters shows that they have crossed the borders of Turkey and are escorted by the police to their destination, i.e. to the region of Antalya, where the fight against fires is underway.

– At four o’clock, the Black Hawk helicopter took off from the airport in Warsaw, on board of which there is the remaining group of rescuers, i.e. eight policemen and three additional firefighters. Their activities will mainly consist in firefighting discharges – said the TVN24 interlocutor. – A tank will be attached to the helicopter deck. Depending on the needs, it will have a capacity of either 1,500 liters or 3,000 liters, it will be filled with water from a river or lake. After transporting to the place of fire, firefighters will make a point or carpet discharge, which can extinguish a larger area of ​​the fire – he added.


Trzeciak explained that wheeled transport is going to the site to prepare logistic facilities and operational support for the helicopter that will arrive in Turkey tonight.

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Turkey is still struggling with firesTurkey is still struggling with firesmeteo

Support for Greece

The TVN24 interlocutor, when asked what are the modules put on standby in Wrocław and Poznań, which was previously announced by the State Fire Service, replied. – Under this concept are cars and firefighters who are prepared for ground operations when extinguishing forest fires.

The module, which is to go to Greece, includes 46 vehicles and 143 firefighters. – At the moment, the cars are going to the concentration area in Wrocław and are ready at any moment to move to Greece with aid – he replied.

Trzeciak recalled on TVN24 that the Greeks, as part of the EU Population Defense Mechanism, reported a demand for four such modules. – Apart from our firefighters, modules from the Czech Republic and Germany are also prepared. The situation (in Greece – ed.) Looks very serious, the Greeks cannot cope with the fires alone – said Trzeciak. As he said, forces and resources are being mobilized at the moment. – We are ready to help Greek firefighters, not only Turkish ones. This morning humanitarian aid with equipment for drying buildings went to Germany. We conduct activities on a large scale – he said.

Request from the Turkish side

On Thursday, the State Fire Service (PSP) announced that the Turkish side asked Poland for support in the fight against fires that the country has been struggling with for over a week.

PSP stressed that the aid will be provided thanks to the initiative and support of President Andrzej Duda and Minister of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński.

Main photo source: meteo

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