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First the struggle with storms, then it will get terribly hot in Poland. “Smells like an oven”

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On Wednesday, Poland will be crossed by storms that will bring us a little break from the heat. However, as the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl Tomasz Wasilewski noticed, another wave of hot air is already visible on the horizon. – And this time this wave will not hit mainly Spain, France, Italy and Germany, but in the center of the continent – ​​he said on TVN24.

The weather on Wednesday promises to be dynamic. In some parts of the country, heat will be felt, other regions will have thunderstorms, locally with hail. In the west, it has been thundering since morning – the phenomena are accompanied by stronger rainfall and gusty winds.

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Perfect conditions for thunderstorms

As tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said, storms are a consequence of a set of atmospheric fronts that will move over our country in the following hours. – At the same time, there is a situation that we are in the so-called warm section of the low, so very hot air flows in. He may not feel it yet, because it is early in the day, but 22 degrees are already in the west of the country – said the presenter in the morning in the program “You get up and know” on TVN24.

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The center of the mentioned low is over Scandinavia. – Atmospheric fronts, which are associated with this low, traverse the center and north of the continent. We have a cold front that will bring us milder air tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, not colder but milder. Now, however, we are affected by very hot air, in a warm section of the low, i.e. in the zone between two fronts – he said.

Very warm masses reach us from Africa, which increase the temperature in some regions to 33 degrees Celsius. – Simultaneously […] conditions are ideal for the formation of storm clouds. Such a convergence zone before this cold front is in the west of the country. That’s why it’s thundering and raining there now.

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Europe in the heat

As he added, when the zone starts to move away, a colder front will take its place. – The heat that will be today is a wave of hot air that yesterday in Spain, Portugal and France brought unusually high temperatures. I noticed it was 44 degrees in Granada, Spain. In many places in France, the temperature reached 39 degrees. At our western neighbors, in Germany, it was 36 degrees. This is very hot weather. […] But this is a wave that does not affect us so much, because the hottest air has gone through South-Western Europe and soon, tomorrow, it will be pushed back by a cold front – he said.


Wasilewski said that although the heat will ease for a while, it does not mean a strong cooling. When the front starts to rule the weather in our country, in the warmest moment of the day, thermometers will indicate 27-28 degrees Celsius.

– But this weekend it will be like this again, when another wave of hot air hits us. Again, this wave will not hit mainly Spain, France, Italy and Germany, but in the center of the continent. The first preliminary calculations for this Saturday show that 35 degrees is forecast in western Poland. At our western neighbors 36-37. This is the new wave, it’s going to be very intense. Saturday and Sunday promise to be the hottest this week. It will be the culmination of hot weather for sure. Saturday and Sunday with great heat – the presenter summed up, adding that “it smells like an oven”.


Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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