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Five of the best news of the week. Iga Świątek, flight to Jupiter and rescued tigers

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Iga Świątek on the list of the most influential people in the world, the success of saving tigers from extinction and the start of the historic mission to Jupiter. Last week there was no shortage of positive information worth remembering before the weekend. Here are five of the most important ones.

1. Launch of the JUICE mission

The JUICE mission launched on Friday afternoon. The groundbreaking project of the European Space Agency is to focus on the study of Jupiter and three of its moons. After launching from Earth, the probe will pass our planet again in August 2024. A year later it will fly by Venus, and in August 2026 and 2029 it will fly by the Earth again. It will reach Jupiter in July 2031.

The goal of this ambitious mission is to the search for life on Jupiter’s moonswhere oceans of liquid water may exist beneath their thick icy crusts. On board the probe was a special radar created by Polish scientists. – Thanks to it, we will find out what the atmosphere of Jupiter is made of, whether there are organic particles in the geysers of Europa, indicating that there is life under its surface, and we will learn what the glaciers on the surface of Ganymede are made of – informed Konrad Skup.

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2. Iga Świątek on the list of “Time” magazine

Iga Świątek was included in the list of the hundred most influential people of 2023 according to the “Time” magazine published on Thursday. The Polish tennis player was awarded next to m. Joe BidenOlena Zelenska and Elon Musk.

“When Iga Świątek plays tennis, three things come to mind: beauty, strength and truth. On the way to the top of this discipline – and sport in general – Iga showed sensitivity and courage. She constantly strives for development. She does not forget about those who support her support, but also does not diminish their own achievements, their own work, “wrote the American alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin, presenting the figure of Świątek in “Time”. She also noted that the Polish woman is involved in actions for mental health and supporting Ukraine.

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3. Tigers saved from extinction

The population of endangered tigers in India has doubled in the last 17 years, CNN reported on Monday, citing the latest Indian government report. About 70 percent of wild tigers live in India, but in 2006, their wild population was only 1,411 animals, and tigers were on the brink of extinction. Decades of uncontrolled expansion of human settlements, agricultural expansion and deforestation have led to this.

However, the actions taken in the following years to rebuild their population were successful. According to the latest report, in 2022 there were already 3,167 tigers living in the wild in India. The Indian campaign “Project Tiger” contributed to this, among others. hunting of these animals was banned and monitoring systems were invested.

4. New adaptation of “Harry Potter”

Warner Bros. Discovery on Wednesday confirmed work on a series about the adventures of “Harry Potter”. A brand new film adaptation of the adventures of the famous wizard is to be a faithful adaptation of JK Rowling’s novel, and the writer will be the executive producer of the entire project.

New actors will appear in the new film adaptation. “We are thrilled to give viewers the opportunity to experience Hogwarts in a whole new way,” said Casey Bloys, HBO CEO and President. Harry Potter will be available on Max.

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5. Groundbreaking malaria vaccination has started

Ghana on Thursday became the first state in the world to approve breakthrough malaria vaccine. The formulation is named R21 shows high efficiency, providing protection against malaria up to 80 percent. In accordance with the decision of the Food and Drug Administration Ghana, the vaccine will be given to children aged five months to three years. It has not been announced when the vaccinations will start.

Malaria kills about 600,000 people each year. people, most of them children living in African countries. For years, scientists have been trying to develop a method that would help protect against infection. The development of an effective malaria vaccine has taken more than a century and has been successful for the first time in 2021.

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