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Five things to know on December 2

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Preliminary results of the autopsy of 14-year-old Natalia, a charge of attempted murder for an 18-year-old who attacked a school with a knife in Kadzidło, Donald Tusk’s declaration of assets, Volodymyr Zelensky’s dissatisfaction with the progress of the Ukrainian army and Aston Villa’s complaint against Legia Warszawa. Here are five things to know on December 2.

1. The death of 14-year-old Natalia. We know the preliminary results of the autopsy

Brain death caused by massive hemorrhage and swelling of the brain was the cause of death of 14-year-old Natalia, who was found unconscious in Andrychów – informed the Krakow prosecutor’s office.

As Janusz Kowalski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków, said on TVN24, the autopsy of the teenager’s body took place on Friday and investigators already have a preliminary examination report. – The preliminary cause was indicated by the experts as brain death, which occurred as a result of cerebral edema caused by massive intracerebellar bleeding – said the prosecutor.

The police treated the case of 14-year-old Natalia as a “protection disappearance”, which has a low priority and usually concerns, for example, a child who “arbitrarily left” a juvenile home – according to unofficial findings from tvn24.pl. A report by experienced police inspectors, which will fully assess the actions of Andrychów police officers, is to be ready this weekend.

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Andrychów. Candles in memory of the deceased 14-year-old girlArt Service/PAP

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2. There is Donald Tusk’s declaration of assets

The declaration of assets of politicians, including the majority candidate for Prime Minister Donald Tusk, was published on the Sejm website. The former Prime Minister and former head of the European Council submitted it at the beginning of the term of office of the Sejm.

From the declaration of assets we learn that Donald Tusk has accumulated savings in Polish currency in the amount of PLN 112,000. PLN, and in foreign currency – 285 thousand. euro (after conversion at the current exchange rate, it is approximately PLN 1.2 million). The chairman of the Civic Platform also stated in his cash resources in the securities section that he had an ERGO Hestia life insurance policy worth PLN 300,000. PLN and two Allianz life and endowment policies worth PLN 70,000 each. zloty.

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3. He attacked me with a knife at school. Charge of attempted murder for an 18-year-old

After the attack at the school in Kadzidło, the prosecutor’s office charged 18-year-old Albert G. with attempted murder of many people. The man was temporarily arrested. Two of the three people injured by him are in a serious condition. Witnesses reported that G. went to the bathroom during class, came back masked and started attacking “the first people he met.” The crime charged against Albert G. carries a minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of life imprisonment.

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Charges for an 18-year-old who attacked his friends at school in KadzidłoTVN24

4. Zelensky dissatisfied with the progress of the Ukrainian army

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Associated Press that with the arrival of winter, the war with Russia is entering a new stage. He admitted that although the Ukrainian army did not achieve the results he would like, capitulation was out of the question. – We are fighting for what belongs to us – he emphasized.

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5. Aston Villa files a complaint against Legia Warszawa

Aston Villa filed a complaint with UEFA against Legia Warszawa in connection with riots in Birmingham with the participation of Polish fans. The authorities of the capital club were accused of “lack of cooperation and lies”.

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Aston Villa – Legia WarszawaGettyImages

Main photo source: TVN24

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