Five things to know on July 21


The Wagnerians practice at the border with Poland, “the most famous hacker in the world is dead”, while Polish volleyball players won against Brazil in the quarter-finals of the League of Nations. Here are five things you need to know today.

1. US-Israel relations put to the test

American-Israeli relations have had a special status for years. Israel for decades it has been recognized as the only pro-Western democracy in the region and a partner of Americans in the fight against terrorism. However, trust in an ally is now put to the test.

Judicial reform proposed by the government Benjamin Netanyahu it strikes at democratic values, i.e. at what the two countries have been so strongly connected with so far.

2. Fighters of the Wagner Group at the border with Poland

We need to increase the protection of our borders. European Union must be prepared to react appropriately if any hostile action were to emerge, said the undersecretary of state in Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński after the meeting of the Community foreign ministers in Brussels, where he provided information about the increased activity of the Wagner Group in Belarus.

The Wagner Group in BelarusReuters

– If we have the presence of organized paramilitary or military groups in Belarus, the risk of various kinds of provocations increases – he added.

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3. Joanna’s case. The police showed the recordings

Jarosław Szymczyk, the Chief of Police, presented the recordings of an ambulance call to Mrs. Joanna by her doctor and the receipt of a report in this case by the police.

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When asked by TVN24 about the actions taken by the police in the hospital, Szymczyk said that “this is a normal procedure for people who we suspect want to take their own lives.”

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“Today I just made sure that the police were hunting me for an abortion. I never said my mood was about abortion. I made it over a week before calling the doctor – Joanna commented on Thursday’s police press conference in an interview.

Her agent announced reporting to the prosecutor’s office due to police action.

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4. ‘The most famous hacker in the world’ is dead

Kevin Mitnick, a hacker targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s long-running manhunt in the 1990s that made him the most notorious cybercriminal in the United States, died on July 16.

The American media reported his death on Thursday. The “world’s most famous hacker” as he referred to himself – or “computer terrorist” as the US Department of Justice called him – was 59 years old.

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5. Polish volleyball players will play for Nations League medals

Polish volleyball players won against Brazil 3:0 (26:24, 25:21, 25:20) in the quarterfinals of the League of Nations in Gdańsk and for the fourth time in a row advanced to the medal zone. The greatest asset of the white and red team was the serve, which they scored nine points against five in the performance of “Canarinhos”, and also the block, which they scored ten times.

Grbica’s players will have a chance to win the fourth medal of this competition on Saturday. They have won a silver and two bronzes. The semi-final clash of the white and red with Japan is scheduled for Saturday at 17. Three hours later, the Americans will face Italy.

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