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Five things to know on July 2nd

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In France, the funeral of 17-year-old Nahel took place on Saturday, whose death during the police intervention sparked protests in the country. The 19th Equality March walked through the streets of Poznań. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk changed the qualification of the act regarding the accident on the ferry in the Baltic Sea. Here are five things you should know today.

1. Funeral of a 17-year-old shot dead by the police

The funeral of 17-year-old Nahel, who was shot dead by police during a roadside check, took place on Saturday in Nanterre near Paris. The teenager was bid farewell by crowds of mourners.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of cities across the city on Saturday night France. This is the fifth night of riots sparked by the shooting of a teenager. Special police units were sent to Lille and Marseille, where clashes with uniformed services had already taken place during the day.

Funeral ceremonies in NanterrePAP/EPA/YOAN VALAT

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The French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) called for calm, pointing out that “shocking images from the suburbs will only strengthen those who stigmatize their neighborhoods and their inhabitants.”

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2. An accident on the ferry, the prosecutor’s office changes the qualification of the act

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk changed the qualification of the act in the investigation into the accident that took place on Thursday on the Stena Spirit ferry in Swedish territorial waterswhich resulted in the deaths of two Polish citizens.

“As a result of the actions taken in the case of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk regarding the death of two Polish citizens, an investigation is currently being carried out in this case for the murder of a child and the mother’s attempted suicide,” said the spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk, Prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk, on Saturday.

Initially, the Polish prosecutor’s office announced that the investigation would be conducted in the direction of involuntary manslaughter. The Swedish prosecutor’s office is also investigating the case.

3. Equality March in Poznań

On Saturday, the 19th Equality March passed through Poznań. The route of the march was exceptionally long and avoided the city center. The reason was the ongoing renovations there. Participants admitted that the postulates and needs of the community LGBT+ are still not met. “We’ve been marching for the same thing for 19 years,” they said.

Equality March in PoznańTVN24

The march also ended Pride Month – a month of pride, filled with equality marches around the world. Every year, for 30 days in June, the equality and acceptance that everyone deserves is emphasized.

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4. Russian attack on Kyiv

Ukrainian air defense detected and destroyed all enemy targets in Kiev’s airspace overnight from Saturday to Sunday, the Kiev military administration said after the Russian night attack on the capital.

“Another air attack on Kiev. This time the enemy used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). According to preliminary data, they were Shahded drones,” said the head of the Kiev military administration, Serhiy Popko.

5. Twitter has restricted access to content

Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, said its platform had applied temporary post reading limits to address “extreme levels” of data collection and system manipulation. Musk’s decision, which he called a “temporary emergency measure,” comes in response to what he says are “extremely aggressive” actions by hundreds of organizations collecting data from Twitter against its users’ intentions.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/YOAN VALAT

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