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Five things to know on Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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Law and Justice councillors have once again failed to elect the Marshal of the Małopolska Province. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has visited Kiev. In turn, the European Commission has approved changes to the Polish National Reconstruction Plan. Here are five things worth knowing on Wednesday, July 3.

1. PiS failure in the fifth attempt

Law and Justice councillors have a majority in the Małopolska regional assembly, but once again they failed to elect Łukasz Kmita, recommended by the party authorities, as the new voivodeship marshal.

This was the fifth failed attempt. If a marshal is not chosen by July 9, new elections will be necessary elections.

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2. Scholz's meeting with Tusk

Germany is aware of its great guilt, its responsibility for the millions of victims of the Nazi occupation. It is also aware of the tasks that result from this – said the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a joint conference with the Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

He added that “Germany will try to implement support for survivors of the occupation.” He announced the creation of a place in Berlin to commemorate Polish victims of World War II and the Nazi occupation.

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3. Orban in Kiev

Viktor Orban said in Kiev that “Ukraine and Hungary are trying to overcome previous misunderstandings and focus on the future.” Orban also said that Hungary they want to sign with Ukraine broad bilateral cooperation agreement.

The head of the Hungarian government declared that his country is ready to support the modernization of the Ukrainian economy and intends to help Ukraine during its presidency of the EU Council. Zelensky, in turn, said after the meeting with the head of the Hungarian government that “the current discussions can serve as a basis for a future agreement between Ukraine and Hungary.”

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Viktor Orban and Volodymyr ZelenskySERGEY DOLZHENKO/PAP/EPA

4. Kaczyński answers questions about the letter to Ziobro

Jarosław Kaczyński was asked about the letter he was supposed to send to the then Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro regarding the Justice Fund.

– If the letter was actually sent (…), it was the result of something that happens in every election campaign. Namely, that MPs experience a specific mental state that makes them extremely nervous about what other MPs are doing – he assessed. Then he indicated what he “wrote in the letter” and what “led” to its sending.

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5. The European Commission approved changes to the KPO

The European Commission has approved changes to the National Recovery Plan proposed by the Polish government at the end of April. The document, which was sent to Brussels, proposed, among other things, the waiver of registration fees for combustion vehicles in exchange for subsidies for electric cars.

According to the EC's announcement published on Tuesday, the value of the Polish KPO will not change – Poland will receive EUR 59.8 billion from the reconstruction fund, of which EUR 34.5 billion will be loans and EUR 25.3 billion in grants. The number of goals that Poland must implement will also not change – the KPO still assumes the implementation of 55 reforms and 56 investments.

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