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Five things worth knowing January 13, 2024

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Donald Tusk gave his first interview since becoming prime minister. The Ministry of Justice announced that Dariusz Barski is retired and Jacek Bilewicz will be the acting national prosecutor. In turn, Marshal Szymon Hołownia referred to President Andrzej Duda’s mysterious post on social media. Here are five things to know on January 13.

1. Tusk gave his first interview since becoming prime minister

Donald Tusk On Friday, he gave his first interview since becoming prime minister. He was asked, among other things, whether he could imagine a situation in which he would sit down at a symbolic round table with the president Andrzej Duda.

– I don’t have to imagine it. At a time when this crisis related to the position of President Duda, who defends the gentlemen (Maciej) Wąsik and (Mariusz) Kamiński, when the temperature was already very high, I turned to the president with a proposal to meet as soon as possible, in private, to establish the space necessary, absolutely necessary, for cooperation between the president and the prime minister, said Donald Tusk.

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Donald Tusk

2. National Prosecutor “retired”

Since January 12, Dariusz Barski has been retired, which makes him “incapable of performing the function of the National Prosecutor” – it was reported Ministry of Justice in Friday’s announcement.

The ministry also announced that Jacek Bilewicz will be the acting national prosecutor. A separate announcement on this matter appeared on the website of the National Prosecutor’s Office. It was written that “the function of the National Prosecutor is performed by Dariusz Barski” and it was stated that Bodnar’s letter “does not produce any legal effects.”

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Dariusz BarskiPaweł Supernak/PAP

3. Manowska’s conclusions received a negative opinion

The Council of lay judges of the Supreme Court issued a negative opinion on all motions regarding the dismissal of 13 lay judges of the Supreme Court, submitted by the president of the Supreme Court. Małgorzata Manowska on the initiative of the presidents of the Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs of the Supreme Court, judge Joanna Lemańska, and the Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court, judge Wiesław Kozielewicz.

In the resolution of the Council of Labourers, signed by its chairman, Dr. Andrzej Kompa, it was emphasized that the actions of the First President of the Supreme Court, both towards the lay judges of the Supreme Court, legally elected judges of the Supreme Court, and the entire systemic functioning of the justice building of the Republic of Poland, require strong condemnation and require the formulation of a demand to resign immediately.”

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4. Quarrel on the right

The head of the National Security Bureau, Major Jacek Siewiera, commenting on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach” the detention of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik at the Presidential Palace, stated that “from a formal point of view, the detention procedure was carried out legally, from all sides.”

Sebastian Kaleta, a politician from Sovereign Poland and former deputy minister of justice, commented on Siewiera’s statement on Friday on social media. “‘Legal on all sides’ was the president’s pardon of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik,” he wrote on the X website.

Jacek Siewiera replied to Kaleta, also on the X portal. He announced at the beginning of the entry that he agreed that “the pardon of Ministers Kamiński and Wasik was and is legal on all sides.” “Meanwhile, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the definition of a ‘party’ in executive criminal proceedings. As for the actions of officers, it is regulated by this Code. Such knowledge should be expected from a former deputy minister of justice,” he wrote.

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5. New thread regarding the mysterious entry on Andrzej Duda’s profile

On January 4, a mysterious entry appeared on President Andrzej Duda’s profile on the X website: “Tell him to ask his wife what ‘having balls’ means. She knows!” The tweet was quickly deleted, but many Internet users managed to take screenshots.

– I have quite firm assurances, also from the circles that were most likely affected, that it was about someone else. And this person is even indicated by name and surname – said Szymon Hołownia, Marshal of the Sejm, in “One on One”. As the politician said on TVN24, “many people in Polish politics have made a lot of noise by not switching their accounts on time.”

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Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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