Five things worth knowing on October 8


The Palestinian group Hamas attacked Israel. Fuel problems at Orlen stations and drivers’ growing frustration. Soon there will be an additional day off for employees. Here are five things worth knowing today.

1. Hamas attacked Israel

On Saturday, around 6:30 a.m. local time (5:30 a.m. in Poland), Hamas’ attack on Israel began. Fighters have infiltrated many cities in the south of the country. Israel was also attacked with thousands of rockets. There are reports of several hundred dead and over 1,500 injured on both sides.

“Israel will reach Hamas fighters wherever they hide,” said Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and appealed to the people of Gaza to leave the territories where the fighters are present. He also added that Hamas fighters are responsible for ensuring that no harm comes to the hostages they are holding. If otherwise, Israel will compensate for these wrongs, the prime minister is quoted as saying by Reuters.

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2. Foresters at a meeting with Tusk

For Saturday’s meeting with Donald Tusk A group of foresters came to Płock. They emphasized that they were “against the politicization of forests.” – We are against constantly saying that real foresters are bad, because they are not. Those foresters down there aren’t bad. They work because they have to work and they are intimidated, they said.

The leader of the Civic Platform declared that their speech was a “testament of courage.” He added that PIS he did something worse than privatizing forests – he politicized them. – They destroyed a lot of things and institutions, but they did not manage to destroy people and thanks to people we will fix it all very quickly – Tusk said.

Donald Tusk in Płock

3. Problems at Orlen stations, frustration among drivers

Despite PiS politicians’ assurances that there is no fuel crisis in Poland, you can increasingly buy coffee and hot dogs at Orlen stations, but not fuel. And it doesn’t look like a temporary difficulty. At many stations, drivers cannot refuel their cars due to “failures”. – This is a lie, a fraud. Propaganda, nothing more. All the distributors suddenly broke down? – asks one of the drivers.

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4. The ambulance did not come, they ran with the unconscious three-year-old to the police station

Mother was preparing dinner. That’s when she saw her three-year-old son fall to the floor. He had convulsions. There was no contact with him. His parents were afraid he had suffered a head injury. They called an ambulance, but they couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive. So they ran to the police for help, who published the surveillance footage at the police station.

Parents with an unconscious three-year-old at the police stationLower Silesian Police

The officer on duty checked all the child’s vital signs and placed him on the floor in a safe position. Other officers also participated in providing assistance. They watched the boy until rescuers arrived, ready to act if his health condition deteriorated.

5. Soon there will be an additional day off for employees

This year, Independence Day falls on Saturday. However, this does not mean that employees will lose the right to additional rest. According to applicable regulations, the employer must give employees a day off at a different date.

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The employee does not have to submit any application to receive an additional day off. At the same time, the employer decides when to grant us this day. This date can be determined from above and it depends only on it whether all the company’s employees will take the day off at the same time or on different days.

Main photo source: MOHAMMED SABER/EPA/PAP

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