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Five things worth knowing on Sunday, June 2, 2024

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Politicians' asset declarations for 2023 have been published on the parliamentary websites. Shots were fired in Hagen in western Germany. The elections in the world's largest democracy have ended. A deepfake featuring a State Department spokesman has appeared on the Internet. International patrols have been launched in Baltic Sea towns. Here are five things to know Sunday, June 2.

1. Asset declarations of party leaders

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, president of Law and Justice, has over PLN 338,000 in savings. On the other hand Szymon HołowniaMarshal of the Sejm, collected PLN 20,000, and Barbara NowackaMinister of Education, over PLN 109,000. Włodzimierz Czarzastyhead of the New Left, has a yacht and gold and silver products.

Politicians' asset declarations for 2023 have been published on the parliamentary websites.

Tusk without an apartment and a car
How much money did the PiS president collect?

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2. Shooting in Germany, there are injured

Shots were fired in Hagen in western Germany. Several people were injured, local police reported on Saturday. The perpetrator fled the scene and the services are looking for him. According to the police, the motive could have been family disputes.

In response to a question from the dpa agency, the police confirmed media reports that one of the two places where shots were fired was a residential building in the city center on Hochstrasse in the Eilpe district. The second place was a nearby hairdressing salon. Both places are approximately 10 minutes' walk from each other.

3. The elections in the world's largest democracy have ended

The general elections in India ended on Saturday. Nearly a billion people could vote, including 18 million for the first time. According to exit poll resultsthe Indian People's Party (BJP) under the leadership of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi can count on winning.

Indian elections are called the largest democratic vote in the world. They lasted six weeks (the election marathon began on April 19) and were divided into seven stages.

4. Deepfake with a State Department spokesperson

The day after Washington authorized it Ukraine to use – with certain restrictions – American weapons in attacks on the territory Russia, A fake video appeared on the Internet in which the US spokesman allegedly comments on this decision. The New York Times reports that American officials said they had no information about who the author of the deepfake was. At the same time, they expressed concern that “Russia may use such manipulation techniques.”

A 49-second fake video showing State Department spokesman Matthew Miller commenting on American support for Ukraine appeared on the Internet on Friday, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

5. Coastal towns controlled by international patrols

Permanent joint patrols of policemen from Świnoujście and Heringsdorf were launched in Baltic Sea towns. The exchange of experiences and closer cooperation is intended to strengthen security along the Polish-German border and within the coastal belt. As the police explain, the language barrier has so far made it difficult for the officers to act.

International patrols began to patrol coastal townsPAP/Marcin Bielecki

Main photo source: Drop of Light/Shutterstock

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