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Five things worth knowing on Sunday, March 10

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The prosecutor’s office announced the preliminary results of the autopsy of seven-month-old Wojtek from Świebodzin, and the court temporarily arrested a 26-year-old suspected of causing the child’s death. For the first time in many months, an entry by Zbigniew Ziobro, who is struggling with the disease, appeared on social media. The Irish – contrary to opinion polls – rejected proposals to change the provisions of the constitution into more progressive ones. Here are five things to know on March 10.

1. Arrest for the person suspected of beating seven-month-old Wojtek

The District Court in Świebodzin temporarily arrested 26-year-old Robert P. for three months for causing the death of a seven-month-old child. The man faces up to life in prison. The child’s body was found on Thursday.

After conducting an autopsy, the prosecutor’s office revealed exactly what injuries the child had suffered before his death. It was established that the suspect “using considerable force with a blunt, hard object, hit the minor (…) on the head.” In this way, it caused “serious damage to health in the form of: bloody damage to the skull, fracture of the bones of the vault and the base of the skull, blood under the dura mater, subarachnoid and intraventricular bleeding, signs of contusion of the left hemisphere of the brain, massive cerebral edema, as well as hyperemia of organs.” internal”. The consequence of these injuries was the death of the infant.

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2. Zbigniew Ziobro’s first entry in months

Zbigniew Ziobro published an entry on social media on Saturday morning in which he expressed condolences to the relatives of oncologist Professor Elżbieta Starosławska, who died on Monday. This is the first entry by the Sovereign Poland politician since December last year. The MP and former Minister of Justice disappeared from public life due to health problems.

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3. The government wanted to change the “outdated” phrases in the constitution to more progressive ones. The Irish are against it

Residents Ireland they rejected the idea of ​​changing the constitution in a referendum. The government, led by Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, wanted to remove “sexist” and “outdated” phrases about the role of the family and women’s domestic responsibilities. And although polls indicated that the majority of residents support him in this matter, the referendum results are a big surprise. The government proposed that the words “the state recognizes the family as the natural, primary and basic social unit” should be changed to “the state recognizes the family, whether based on marriage or another lasting relationship, as the natural, primary and basic social unit”, and from the fragment stating that “the state undertakes to guard with particular care the institution of marriage, on which the family is based, and to protect it against attacks” remove the words “on which the family is based”.

The content of Art. was also to be changed. 41.2, which states that “the state recognizes that, through her life at home, women provide the state with support without which the common good cannot be achieved” and that “mothers will not be forced by economic necessity to engage in work while neglecting their responsibilities at home “. The government’s proposal included removing both of these fragments and replacing them with the words: “the state recognizes that the provision of care by family members to each other due to the bonds existing between them provides society with support without which the common good cannot be achieved, and will strive to support such benefit.”

Both proposals – by decision of voters in the referendum – were lost.

Ireland decides on constitutional changes. “People may vote ‘no’ because the ideas were not progressive enough.”Maciej Woroch/Fakty TVN

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4. Rivers of mud and flooded houses in Naples

Heavy rainfall hit Naples. The Vomero district of this Italian city, located on a hill, was affected by the effects of heavy rain. Rivers of mud flowed down two streets, reports the ANSA news agency.

Basements, commercial premises and apartments on the ground floors of buildings were flooded. Water mixed with mud got into some houses. Residents, surprised by the violence of the rainfall, emptied their houses on Saturday, taking out damaged furniture.

The effects of downpours in NaplesPAP/EPA/STRINGER

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5. The signal was supposed to be evidence of the existence of aliens, it was the rumble of a truck

Sound waves, allegedly caused by a meteor flying over Papua New Guinea, turned out to be… an accidentally recorded rumble of a truck. This phenomenon was previously associated with a mysterious find from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Ufologists, on the other hand, even considered them to be sounds produced by advanced equipment of extraterrestrial beings.

In January 2014, a meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the Western Pacific, burning up in the form of an impressive fireball. At the time of the incident, mysterious sound waves were recorded at the seismic station on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. The sounds, combined with the extremely high speed developed by the meteor, also attracted the attention of researchers of unexplained phenomena. Scientists from Johns Hopkins University analyzed the sound signal that accompanied the phenomenon, looking for its sources. As it turned out, the measuring instrument recorded the same pattern of signals also before and after the meteor impact. It was strikingly similar to the sounds of a delivery truck driving every day to the hospital near the seismic station.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/STRINGER

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