Five things worth knowing on Sunday, March 31


For the first time in the war with Ukraine, the Russians used a one-and-a-half-ton thermobaric bomb. Pope Francis appeared before the faithful at mass after failing to take part in the Stations of the Cross in the Colosseum the day before. There was a tragic accident in Warsaw. A dozen-month-old child fell from the fourth floor and could not be saved. Here are five things to know on March 31.

1. Russia used a heavy thermobaric bomb in Ukraine

Russian troops used it for the first time in Ukraine one and a half tonne ODAB-1500 thermobaric bomb. It was dropped on the town of Velyka Pysarivka in the Sumy Oblast, “Bild” reported.

This is a new stage in Russia's war against Ukrainian cities, commented Julian Roepcke from “Bild”. After the explosion, a kilometer-high column of smoke rose into the sky, said a newspaper journalist.

Thermobaric bombs, also known as vacuum bombs, release a flammable aerosol shortly before exploding. During detonation, the mixture burns with the oxygen in the air, resulting in a strong shock wave and a sudden change in pressure that is lethal to humans. The video from the moment of the explosion was shared by the Nexta agency on its social media.

2. Personnel changes in Zelensky's environment

The Ukrainska Pravda website, citing decrees published by the presidential office, reported that Volodymyr Zelensky resigned on Saturday his first advisor, Serhiy Shefhir, as well as several other officials: Mykhailo Radutsky, Serhiy Trofimov and Oleh Ustenko. In addition, the plenipotentiaries for volunteering, Natalia Pushkaryova, and for ensuring soldiers' rights, Alon Werbyćka, were also dismissed.

However, a day earlier, Zelensky dismissed two deputies of Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential office: Andriy Smirnov and Oleksiy Dniprov. According to the Ukrainska Pravda website, these changes mean that “a serious restart has begun.”

3. Easter

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, i.e. His passage from death to life. This truth is the foundation and essence of the Christian faith.

Easter is the most important and oldest holiday celebrated already in apostolic times. It is called the new Passover, which gives people access to eternal life. It is a movable feast, taking place between March 22 and April 25.

Easter basketTVN24

On this day, during the resurrection procession, the priest carries the Holy Sacrament, which is ceremoniously taken out from the symbolic Tomb of the Lord. The faithful also carry a statue of the Risen Christ, which is then placed in the presbytery. The Church celebrates the Resurrection of Christ every Sunday of the liturgical year.

4. The Pope appeared before the faithful

A day after the Pope's absence at the Stations of the Cross caused a stir among the faithful, Francis presided over mass on Holy Saturday. During the homily, he spoke, among other things, about hope for nations “broken by evil and scourged by injustice, nations without a place, nations of martyrs.”

During the mass, the Holy Father baptized eight adults: four from Italy, two from South Korea, and one each from Albania and Japan.

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Pope Francis during Holy Saturday mass in the Vatican BasilicaPAP/EPA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

5. A child fell from the fourth floor and is dead

There was a tragic accident in Warsaw. From the fourth floor of the block of flats at ul. A 15-month-old baby fell out on Płocka Street. He was taken to hospital, but his life could not be saved, said Assistant Commissioner Barbara Szczerba from the Warsaw Police.

She added that all circumstances of this case will be investigated under the supervision of the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor's Office.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

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