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Five things worth knowing on Wednesday, June 19

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Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea. The Israel Defense Forces announced that they had approved a plan for an offensive on Lebanon. Pop star Justin Timberlake was charged. Here are five things to know on Wednesday, June 19.

1. Putin in North Korea

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has arrived in North Korea. He was greeted at the airport by Kim Jong Un. According to Reuters, Russian state media showed Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shaking hands after Putin landed in Korea.

Before the visit, Putin thanked North Korea for its support in the war against it Ukraine and said he was counting on signing a “multi-faceted strategic partnership treaty.”

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3. The Israeli army approved a plan for an offensive on Lebanon

The Israel Defense Forces announced that plans for the offensive on Lebanon have been approved and a decision has been made to “continuously increase the readiness of land forces.”

The Times of Israel website reminds that Israel warned that it would not tolerate the presence of Lebanese Hezbollah on its northern border.

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Destruction after the Israeli attackOHAMMED SABER/PAP/EPA

4. The former police chief will not work at the sports club

The former chief police commander was introduced to the supervisory board of Piast Gliwice by a minority shareholder, because Jarosław Szymczyk lived nearby and took care of safety in the club.

The majority shareholder, the city, asked to change this decision. On Tuesday, it was announced that the general would not be in the sports club.

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5. PiS politicians attack the government for its migration policy

– This is pure racism. This is also (…) an infringement of personal rights. I hope that those people who are victims of such political activities will have their own representatives who will deal with this matter – said Dr. Hanna Machińska, former deputy of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

United Right politicians began regularly publishing photos of people with darker skin colors on their social media profiles, fueling racist sentiments and suggesting that these people are staying in Poland illegally. At the same time, they criticize the government's migration policy.

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5. Justin Timberlake arrested

Justin Timberlake has been arrested, ABC News reported, citing police officers. After spending a night in custody, he appeared in court on Tuesday, where he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, CNN reports.

According to the 43-year-old artist's lawyer, Timberlake failed to stop at a stop sign and did not stay in his lane.

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