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Five things you may have missed over the long weekend

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The European Commission starts an infringement procedure against Poland. Donald Trump has been charged with knowingly withholding classified documents and obstructing an investigation. In turn, in France, Iga Świątek won the Roland Garros for the second time in a row. Here are things to know after a long weekend.

1. The government has amended the budget

The government has amended the 2023 budget. the Council of Ministers adopted a draft act amending the budget act and the so-called budget-related act, the prime minister said on Friday Mateusz Morawiecki.

The deficit, as Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska informed, will be higher than planned by PLN 24 billion. It will also be higher inflation included in the budget, will increase by 2.2 pp to 12 percent.

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2. The European Commission has launched an infringement procedure in connection with “lex Tusk”

The European Commission has sent a formal notification to Poland, thus starting the infringement procedure regarding the so-called Lex Tusk.

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The European Commission claims, among other things – as we read in a communiqué published on Thursday – that “the new law excessively interferes with the democratic process” and “by stating that a given person acted under Russian influence, the political rights of people elected in democratic elections can be limited.”

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3. Numerous allegations against Trump

Former president of the United States Donald Trump He heard 37 charges related to the willful keeping of secret documents and obstruction of the investigation, according to court files made public on Friday.

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Among the documents he took and hid were those that described potential vulnerabilities USA and their allies to military attacks by enemies, write world agencies citing documents.

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4. Four children found in the Amazon jungle

Colombian authorities on Friday announced the “miraculous” rescue of four children who were the only survivors of the crash of a single-engine Cesna plane. The plane crashed in the middle of a tropical forest in the southeast of the country.

The search for four siblings in the Colombian jungle lasted 39 days Reuters

The siblings probably survived the crash because they were sitting in the back of the plane. The children then survived 39 days in the Amazon jungle.

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5. Iga Świątek won Roland Garros

The leader of the world ranking of tennis players Iga Świątek won with the Czech Karolina Muchova 6:2, 5:7, 6:4 in the final of the Grand Slam French Open in Paris. The Polish woman thus defended the title won last year. This is her third triumph in the tournament on the courts of them. Roland Garros.

Iga Świątek is celebrating victory. “Sometimes when I watch the games myself, I feel a little more stressed”PAP/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

The promotion to the final itself ensured that the Polish woman kept her lead in the world ranking, because in the semi-final the second tennis player of the WTA ranking, Aryna Sabalenka, from Belarus, lost to Muchova. In Monday’s WTA ranking, the 22-year-old Polish tennis player will have 928 points advantage over the Belarusian player.

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Main photo source: ERIK S. LESSER/PAP/EPA

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