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Five things you should know on May 16. Farmington shooting, hostel fire

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At least four people, including the attacker, have died in a shooting in Farmington, New Mexico, US. In New Zealand’s capital Wellington, at least six people died as a result of a hostel fire. Here are five things you should know today.

1. An incident near the airport in Katowice

type drone quadrocopter flew at a distance of about 50 meters under the plane heading to Katowice-Pyrzowice airport – confirmed TVN24 spokesman for the airport, Piotr Adamczyk. He added that the object was spotted about 20 kilometers from the airport when the plane was at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

Another incident involving a drone occurred on Saturday, May 13, in Warsaw. An unidentified drone the size of a glider passed by about 30 meters a LOT plane landing at Warsaw Chopin Airport, according to the recording from the tower, which was reached by tvn24.pl.

2. Shooting in New Mexico

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At least four people were killed, including the attacker, in a shooting in Farmington, New York, on Monday Mexico the local police reported. Many people were injured.

The assailant’s identity has yet to be determined and the case is being treated as an “open investigation,” said Megan Mitchell of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

3. Lukashenko appeared in public

Speculations about Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s health are multiplying. He has not appeared in public since May 9. On Monday, the Pul Piervogo channel, which is close to the press service of the Belarusian leader, published him photo. It shows that he has a bandaged left hand. The channel claims that Lukashenko was at the command post of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces today.

Alexander LukashenkoTwitter/Пул Первого/Hanna Liubakova

Oppositionist and former diplomat Pawel Latuszka he said that “we know for sure that he is sick.” “He has a virus, quite strong, with complications and that has caused heart problems.” He also assessed that “it is debatable” whether Lukashenko’s photo is not a “montage”.

4. The second round of the presidential election in Turkey

Second round of presidential elections in Turkey will take place on May 28, said the head of the Turkish High Electoral Commission Ahmet Yener.

According to the preliminary results cited by Yener, the president seeking re-election Recep Tayyip Erdogan won 49.51 percent. votes, a few percentage points more than his main opponent Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who received 44.88 percent. votes.

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5. Hostel fire in New Zealand

At least six people were killed in a hostel fire in New Zealand’s capital Wellington on Tuesday, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said. The fire engulfed the four-story building shortly after midnight local time. According to initial reports from local media, the cause may have been arson.

Fire in New ZealandReuters

“I can sadly say this will be a multi-fatal incident,” said Wellington Fire and Rescue Chief Nick Pyatt. “This is our worst nightmare,” he added.

Main photo source: Reuters

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