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Five things you should know – Saturday, July 22

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Police criticized for intervening against Joanna. Protests after Netanyahu’s speech. In turn, in Bulgaria, the parliament decides to cut off the Russian giant from the oil terminal. Here are five things you need to know today.

1. The Prime Minister announces that the Russian ambassador will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The speech was broadcast on Russian television Vladimir Putin from a meeting of the Security Council. – When it comes to Polish leaders, they probably want to form a coalition under the ‘NATO umbrella’ and directly join the conflict in Ukrainein order to then tear off a wider piece for themselves, to restore their – as they believe – historical territories: today’s western Ukraine – said Putin, among others. He also stated that “it was thanks to the Soviet Union, thanks to Stalin’s position that Poland received significant territories in the West, the lands of Germany”.

In connection with this speech, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in a Twitter post, he emphasized that “Stalin was a war criminal, guilty of the death of hundreds of thousands of Poles.” “The historical truth cannot be discussed. The ambassador of the Russian Federation will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” wrote the head of government.

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2. Comments after the intervention of the police against Mrs. Joanna are not silent

Jarosław Szymczyk, the Chief of Police, presented the recordings of an ambulance call to Mrs. Joanna by her doctor and the receipt of a report in this case by the police.

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Her attorney announced that she would submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office in connection with the actions of the police.

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– What happened must be treated as the most brutal encroachment into the sphere of intimacy and personal rights of another person – said the professor in “Fakty po Faktach” Marek Safjana judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union, who commented on Joanna’s case.

Marek Safjan: it was the most brutal intrusion into the sphere of intimacy and personal rightsTVN24

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In turn, the psychiatrist who informed the services about the situation of Mrs. Joanna from Krakow admitted in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza” that she did not expect that “the police can behave like this towards a person in need of help”.

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3. Protests after Netanyahu’s speech

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, in a message to the nation on Thursday evening, defended the controversial reform of the judiciary. He promised that Israel would remain liberal, democratic and would not turn into a state of religious law, while ensuring the protection of the rights of all citizens and blaming the opposition for the failure of negotiations on change, which were held under the auspices of President Isaac Herzog.

Protest in IsraelATEF SAFADI/PAP/EPA

Thousands of Israelis continue their march towards Jerusalem on Friday in protest against these changes. The action kicked off in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, and organizers plan to reach the parliament building on Saturday. More than 1,100 Air Force reservists suspended duty in protest at the reform.

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4. March of Remembrance through the streets of the former ghetto

It was held for the twelfth time March of Remembrance commemorates the victims of the great deportation action in the Warsaw Ghetto and those who resisted.

– The March of Remembrance is a Warsaw event, open to all people who want to join this expression of remembrance – said the director of the Jewish Historical Institute, Monika Krawczyk.

5. The Russian giant cut off from the oil terminal

The Bulgarian parliament has urgently adopted a law on the first and second readings to deprive the Russian company Lukoil of the license to use the Rosenec oil terminal north of Burgas on the Black Sea. The new law is due to come into force in two weeks.

The parliament’s decision was supported by the ruling parties We Continue Change-Democratic Bulgaria and GERB as well as the Turkish minority party DPS. The left and the pro-Russian Vazrazhdane party spoke out against it, expressing fears that Russia might submit the case to international arbitration. Similar fears were also expressed by well-known Bulgarian economists.

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Main photo source: ATEF SAFADI/PAP/EPA

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