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Flight from London to Milan. The plane was too heavy, several passengers disembarked

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Due to bad weather conditions at London Airport, it was necessary to reduce the weight of the plane flying to Milan by 700 kilograms. In order for the plane to take off, the crew asked several passengers on the Italian ITA flight to voluntarily disembark in exchange for a €250 voucher. The event was covered by the Italian media.

The situation took place on Thursday at London-City airport. All passengers were already on board and waited for a long time for take-off, the control tower informed the crew about a significant change in the direction and strength of the wind, which also made it necessary to change the direction of the take-off of the machine. For this reason, it was also necessary to reduce the weight of the aircraft by about 700 kilograms, the airline later noted in a statement issued. She added that it was also necessary for seven passengers to disembark “on a voluntary basis”.

The flight crew was looking for volunteers

On board the plane, it was noted, were Italian journalists and fans of the football club AC Milan, returning to Milan from a match against Tottenham in the Champions League.

The ITA flight was operated by one of the German airlines with their crew. Since no one spoke Italian, one of the journalists translated a message from the crew through loudspeakers, who were looking for volunteers willing to disembark in exchange for a voucher of 250 euros. Initially, there were supposed to be five of them, eventually seven people were asked to leave the plane.

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The situation was recorded, among others, by the Italian sports journalist Alessandro Alciato.

The crew’s request caused amusement and astonishment on board. In recordings posted on the Internet, some jokes can be heard suggesting that the captain and stewardesses leave the plane.

– If the volunteers do not leave, the ITA will decide based on the cost of the ticket. So, those who paid less will probably stay here, the journalist informed the passengers on board the plane, quoted by the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera” on her website. She added that those who disembark will be transferred to Heathrow Airport, from where they will fly to Milan on another plane.

In the end, there were seven volunteers. The plane landed at Milan’s Linate airport almost three hours late and seven passengers lighter.

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